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OCR Services

OCR is known as Optical Character Recognition. It is an electronic mechanism which is used to convert digital documents into an automatic machine-editable text. OCR is an advanced concept which is faster, more accurate and more efficient than keystroke data entry.

Many a times, you wish to edit or modify "read-only" PDF files, but unfortunately cannot make it. Saivion India can help you with efficient OCR services for converting the electronic images into your desirable and editable format.

Optical Character Recognition Services at Saivion India!

Being a leading OCR service provider, we have the following capabilities:

  • Our team has potential to arrange the information in an easily retrievable and user-friendly electronic data storage format
  • Commitment to maintain data integrity with zero level of error
  • Fully-fledged compatibility with different types of OCR Scanners
  • Storage of digital volume for further enhancement
  • 100% quality assurance for end users
  • Flexible to cope up with any kinds of printing technique
  • Executed by well trained professionals
  • Vast experience in OCR services

Key Features

With deep expertise in data extraction services, our experienced staff is offering numerous value added incentives. Some of those benefits are given below:

Faster & Budget-friendly: Our OCR Services are fast as well as less costly. Our high-quality OCR services are rapidly gaining popularity amongst various businesses for data gathering and storage purposes; hence, our clients are increasing day by day. We have thousands of satisfied clients all over the globe who keep returning to us for more and more projects.

Improves Business Communication: OCR services can prove to be very helpful for your business. It may be used for keeping a record of your invoices, or having a list of your customers with their mobile numbers and addresses, which are easily traceable.

Manageable: You can also scan the copy of your catalog, add or delete items, change prices, modify discounts and whatever you wish to do. We create seamlessly integrated and easily readable files in your desired format that can be used for various purposes.

Affordable for Bulk Job: If you are thinking of hiring a transcriptionist to get your heavy digital files converted to your preferred format where you can add, delete or find whatever you wish; think again. It can prove to be a really expensive affair. On the other hand, if you avail our OCR services, you just need to pay a nominal amount for each assignment, depending upon the number of pages.

Cross-Language Support: We have the latest software that supports almost all the languages. So, you need not worry whether your PDF file is in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese or any other language; we can comfortably handle all.

Minimal Turnaround & Efficient Process: Our competent team of professionals reviews your files. After that, depending on the work that needs to be done, they commit you a deadline. Usually, we take less time than your expectation and our work is totally error-free. We are capable of handling large quantities of work with ease.

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