Quality Data Mining Techniques for Your Business

Data mining refers to the process of collecting relevant and useful data from a massive database so that correct decisions can be made. With the increasing role of data in business processes, data mining has assumed great significance. No matter what kind of business you are running or what is the size of your business, data mining is important for you. Continue reading Quality Data Mining Techniques for Your Business

An Overview to Outsourcing Data Entry Services

E-commerce is something that brings vast opportunities for a seller as it transforms a plethora of different markets and turns them into an interconnected common store that is not bound by physical limitations. It acts as a boost for your business, infusing web-based technology with your supply chain thereby increasing sales and streamlining your revenue.

Data Entry Services

One of the major aspects of maintaining an e-commerce listing for every product that you offer online is product data entry. Not only does it help in keeping the inventory up to date, but also helps in planning your supply chain for the future to anticipate demand and sales. This especially comes in handy if the product you sell is seasonal, or if your product catalogue changes according to the four seasons, namely summer, winter, autumn and spring. A constantly updated inventory also helps the e-commerce platform in optimizing the orders status. Moreover, data entry works in tandem with your listing description and images to help you create a comprehensive seller profile.

But, doing data entry regularly can be a pain in the neck, especially if you have a business to run and employees to oversee. Not only does it take up valuable time, it also diverts your energy away from what you should actually be doing. Moreover, it is too menial a task to hire an in-house employee for, especially when you are in the e-commerce business where the margins are low, and competition is high. This is particularly relevant if your company is going through a cash crunch. That is where outsourcing data entry services can serve as a boon for your business.

Working with quality data entry services ensures you have a team of experts and e-commerce veterans at your disposal who can handle whatever you send their way. Since they have years of experience in this field, they can handle any problem or complication pertaining to online data entry.

They provide a service that saves time and money, while boosting your profits and providing the aforementioned benefits. While you take care of streamlining your deliveries, they take care of keeping your listing description and inventory information updated.

In conclusion, efficient processing and input of data is the foundation of a successful business. It not only helps in boosting sales, but also helps both the customer and the e-commerce platform by notifying them if a product is out of stock. By employing the help of data entry services, you can leave the hassle of data entry and relevant reconfiguration to a team of people who handle stuff like this daily like a pro. It brings a lot to the table and serves as a great tool for growing your ecommerce business.

Amazon Product Listing Process – Vital Things You Need to Know!

Often known as the Everything store, Amazon has proven to be a mammoth when it comes to dominating the market share of e-commerce websites. Missing out on this huge marketplace is not only going to deprive you of potential profits, but it may also lead to complete obsoletion.

Amazon product listing is the process through which you put your product on display for the world to see. It can be often confusing for first-timers, and various Amazon product listing services can help you navigate through.

Amazon Product Listing

A first timer can hugely benefit from someone who has tried and tested various methods and techniques for quite some time. Honing this craft becomes exponentially easier with the help of various heads ups and tips.

Optimize your listing to suit the algorithm

Amazon’s algorithm works to find the perfect match that suits a customer’s demands. While the exact workings of the algorithm are not known, it is known that a product gets more visibility when the text of the title and description is well optimized. To ensure people come across your Amazon product listing, use simple language, make the content keyword-rich, and use bullet points for higher engagement. Make sure the pictures you use to represent your product are accurate. Some Amazon product listing services may guide you through the appropriate colour correction and grading of the photo.

Ensure the price is competitive

Amazon product listings are numerous. Pricing your product can make or break your sale, no matter how good your description is. In the end, selling comes down to the pocket and frugality of the buyer. If there are similar listings with a more pocket-friendly price, they may tend to choose the latter. If your product is premium and provides more value than other similar but cheaper listings, do mention that in your listings to tell the customer what they are in for. Total transparency ensures two-way trust; if you are able to gain the trust of the customer, you can trust them to make the right decision and purchase your product.

Give Importance to Advertising

Various experts suggest keeping your eye out for digital advertising for your product. Making noise and getting heard is what gets attention and eyeballs; in the end, that is what is going to create the brand identity. If your product occupies a certain niche, tracking down potential buyers through digital marketing is effective as it draws them in, and reminds them why they need what you sell. Viewers on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Google need to know about your product so that they can look it up on Amazon. Consider investing in influencer marketing; it is a field that is relatively new and is a very effective and lucrative method. Advertising costs you money, and that money can get wasted if you are not smart enough with it. An Amazon product listing service can guide you and help you do the needful to ensure that your product makes a dent in the marketplace.

How Is Data Entry Outsourcing Company Essential For Retail and E-commerce Industries?

Both start-ups and old brick and mortar business operators are moving towards e-commerce platform for a wider reach and maximizing their sales. However, this is only possible when they keep their potential customers updated for which they need an efficient Product Information Management system in the place. The products picture and detail need to be uploaded, modified and maintained on a timely basis. Since e-commerce and online retail stores have bulk information that needs to be maintained accurately, it is best for them to hand over this job to a professional i.e. outsource it to data entry agency.

Outsourcing data entry work is essential for retail and e-commerce industries for various other reasons as well and they are as follows:

  • Higher quality service

Data entry outsourcing companies provide qualitative work. They are specialized in data entry work. Their workforce consists of people that have years of experience and requisite skills. You can rely on the outsourcing company that the highest work standards will be met by them.

  • Secured data

The data breach has become so common nowadays than ever that it has become necessary to secure the data at every stage. Your customers give their personal details like name, address, card number online because they believe that their privacy won’t be invaded. And if you fail to secure their information, you lose them. Similarly, you are also a customer to the outsourcing company and they won’t do anything that will make them lose you.

  • Keep website updated

Data entry outsourcing company not only provides qualitative work but also work on time. They keep the website visitors abreast with the latest collection and product details. They maintain the website accurately by mentioning, the product is out of stock, discounted, new arrival, etc. It helps a lot in enhancing online business.

  • Enjoy competitive advantage

A customer prefers to go to a store which is well-managed, be it offline or online. If your website is managed well then, of course, you are a step ahead of your competitors. Data entry outsourcing company will keep the things up-dated, high-resolution product images will be posted, right product details will be given online, whether the product is on sale or not and more will be mentioned precisely.

  • Categorization

There are number of products that need to be categorized right if you want your customer to find it effortlessly. A data entry outsourcing company will put the products in the right category that customers can find easily without putting much effort or wasting their time.

  • Cost-effective

Cost-cutting forms an important part of a business. However, the same should be done without compromising with the quality of the work. Outsourcing data entry company facilitates both. You work gets done at an affordable price and also, you get top-notch work done. Outsourcing proves to be a wise decision as compared to hiring resources in-house anytime.

If you have more reasons to share why data entry work should be outsourced then let us know in the comment section.

8 Advanced Software for Photo Retouching to Achieve Maximum Efficiency and Great Results

Whether you click insta-worthy pictures from your smartphone or use a professional camera for the product photo shoot, advanced photo editing software helps you bring the best out of those images. Camera technology has evolved in the last few years and also, the smartphone camera is no more point-and-shoot kind of camera. However, professional camera person and companies go to photo editors to level up the average clicks.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of photo retouching software coming with unique features. Some of them are free, paid, offline, online, suitable for Windows or iOS, or both. We have covered the top eight here:

1. Luminar

Compatible with both Mac and Windows, Luminar program can work as standalone as well as a plug-in. It is a complete software offering everything required to edit and organize photos. The behind the scene AI lets you set the tone, contrast, brightness, colour, brightness, and more to get an impeccable picture.

2. FaceFilter3

Up next, we have another heavy hitter in the photo retouching world because of its ease of usability. It comes with a plethora of advanced image retouching features that can make you look dressed to the nines. It is the ultimate photo beautifying toolkit that can be used for skin smoothening, removing blemishes, and adding multi-layer makeup.

3. PortraitPro

The name itself explains its functions. This software helps you in retouching the portraits and turn them to perfection. It uses AI technology, and by detecting the age, gender, and face it determines features. You can easily beautify the skin by removing wrinkles, changing makeup, eliminating sweat, and adding shine.

4. Movavi

Here is another popular photo retouching software to take a look at. Movavi gives you beautiful wedding photos, family portrait, and selfies by omitting the imperfections from them. Further, it allows you to even repair the damaged old images available in digital form.

5. Serif Affinity

Continuing with our list of advanced photo retouching software, Serif Affinity is next in the line geared towards Mac users. It comes with robust features like detailed coloration, vector drawing, layer effects. It gives the user ultimate control over the end product.

6. Photolemur

This is another great candidate for the advanced photo retouching software. The advanced AI technology can detect imperfections easily and retouch the same automatically. No steep learning curve, effortless photo retouching features, easy-to-use interface makes Photolemur, editor’s and photographer’s favourite.

7. Soft Skin

Another self-explanatory software from its name, Soft Skin is the best software to get flawless skin. You can remove red-eye effect, enhance skin texture, do full virtual makeup, whiten the teeth, and more even if you are an amateur.

8. Exposure XS 4

Alien Skin Software is definitely a brand which knows what it is doing in the photo retouching software market. Although it is less known than other big names because it is fit for beginners but fails to meet all the demands of professionals. It is a multi-featured software whose capabilities go beyond enhancing iris in the eyes, teeth whitening, skin softening, etc.

Are you using any of the above software to enhance the image of product or models? Share your experience with us in the comment section.

How Is Data Processing Service Essential For Logistic Industries?

Speed is the essence in the industry of logistics and transportation. The logistics business is rated according to the quality and speed at which products have been delivered to the customers. This race begins as soon as a logistic company receives an order for the shipment. A speedy and timely on-the-field work is possible only when off-the-field team is working at a great pace. Yes, we are talking about the data processing team. It has to be efficient in sorting out the unwanted data and obsolete data so that the company is only left with valuable information. It should be able to process the files and manage the documents in minimum time to unburden and decrease the cost of production of the company.

How Is Data Processing Service Essential For Logistic Industries

To stay ahead of the competitors, the logistic sector needs an effective mechanism that will improve the velocity of the work. It is a myth that logistic companies need large amount of data. In fact, it is not the quantity but quality of data that matters. A logistics company needs the right data for continuous business improvement. And no one can do that job better than a data processing service provider.

Let’s talk about in detail how data processing service benefits the logistic and transportation industry:

  • Enhance order processing capabilities

The data processing service is independent of existing orders and information from KPIs. By keeping relevant and accurate data, you make space for the entry of new orders. Eventually, this helps in shipping more orders and also, driving the demand further in the supply chain.

  • Do the forecast accurately

Are you wondering if processed data is used in the logistics industry for generating estimate? Well, yes, like most of the industries, historical data is used in making predictions in this industry as well. For instance, shipment during the holiday time usually calls for more workers at the warehouse, for delivery purpose, and so on. During holidays, employing more workers in the company helps in eliminating the congestion and ensuring smooth running of the supply chain.

  • Eliminates Irrelevant Data

Taking ‘not the quantity but quality of data that matters’ point further-every transaction, acceptance of the orders, departure of product generates data in the logistics and transportation industry. However, not all data is relevant to the transportation business. Data like employees check-in and check-out time is not at all required. In fact, such information needs to be filtered for the effortless working of the operations.

  • Improves scrutiny and visibility

Data in the logistics industry can be used to pass information to customers. They can be updated or notified on the status of their order. Also, real data can be used to identify routes to de-stress the process of shipment. Further, the same data can be accessed at the time of emergency at a port, ensuring timely and inexpensive delivery across the borders.

The use of data in the logistics and transportation industry should not make things difficult; instead, it should help in bringing efficiency in the shipping sector. However, only a well-processed data can ensure that.

Top Things to Know About A Quality Product Listing Technique at Sears.com

Customers cannot handle the goods physically on an e-commerce platform; therefore, presentable product listing matters. Proper product listing is the primary interface between products and users. On a web store, product listing is both a store window and a sales assistant. Quality product listing is essential for a happy buyer’s journey, then whether the destination is Amazon or Sear. Therefore, here are seven tips that will maximize the effectiveness of your listings and improve conversion rate.

Usually the tips remain the same for various e-commerce website; however, it might differ only on the basis of the interface of that website. Today, we will throw some light specifically on how to list product on Sears.

  • Take Care Of The Header

Another name for the header is title, and it plays a significant role in the product listing. This makes the customer click on the product and read further about it. The title should be catchy yet informative. It should describe the merchandise in less and creative words. However, it should not consist of the brand name, size, quantity, delivery time, etc.

  • Describe The Product Well

All those words that were coming to your mind and you couldn’t use in the ‘title,’ use them in the description. However, that doesn’t mean you will beat around the bush. Specifically mention the brand, material used, name, benefits, features, and more. The description should contain all the product information necessary for the potential buyer to make a decision.

  • Don’t Forget The Photo

Title, price, everything comes later because it is the photo that gives the first impression of the product. A dull and blurred photo will never get the click, however good your title or description is. A clear and high-resolution picture makes your future buyers visualize what they will get exactly. You can seek the help of the Sears product listing service provider for the same.

  • Mention The Right Price

After visualizing the product, what next do you check at a store? Of course, the price tag. The same routine is followed online. Mention competitive price as not only it will result in higher sales in general, but also gets your product on the top in the search box at Sears in particular.

  • The More Attributes The Merrier

Customers prefer variety not only under a category but the product as well. They like to explore the section to find out if the same product is available in different size, colour, etc. Various attributes are essential especially for products like apparel, footwear, bags, smartphone.

  • Shout Out The Unique Identifiers

Today, finding a product online is like looking for a needle in the haystack. A unique identifier helps a manufacturer or retailer helps in locating a particular product among mass-produced. GTINs, MPNs, brand name, bar code or Universal Product Code (UPC) are some of the commonly used unique identifiers.

  • Right Category Makes A Difference

Don’t make the mistake of putting your product in the wrong category. Double check the category in which your product has been listed. The wrong category will never get your product any buyers as they will never look for the product there. Can you imagine a site visitor looking for shorts in the group of skirts? You can always take help of e-commerce product upload service providers for more clarity on this.

We believe that the above points will help you in successful Sears product listing.

Beware of Job and Home Based Data Entry Work Scam Taking Place Under Saivion Outsourcing Services Name

Beware of Job Scam and Home Based Data Entry Work Using Saivion Outsourcing Services Name. We advise you to NOT respond to any email/message/call from anyone claiming to be from Saivion Outsourcing Services. The scammer’s email address is a generic email such as “fakename@gmail.com”, our email id will be like “xyz@saivionindia.com”

Continue reading Beware of Job and Home Based Data Entry Work Scam Taking Place Under Saivion Outsourcing Services Name
Debunking 6 Data Entry Outsourcing Myths

‘Thinking to outsource data entry but have a lot of doubts in mind’, if that’s your state of mind, believe us, you are not alone. There are many business organizations and individual professionals who want to outsource their data entry and management work but don’t go for it due to the negative preconceived notions about outsourcing they have in mind. In this post, we will debunk such myths and present you the true picture of date outsourcing. But first, let’s see why to outsource data entry in the first place.

Data Entry Outsourcing

Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing-

  • Good Time ManagementBy outsourcing your data entry needs to some company, you can save your precious time which can be invested in some other productive works.

  • Better Focus on Core Business ActivitiesWhen you don’t have to care about data management, surely you can concentrate on the other aspects of business more efficiently.

  • Better PrioritizationAvailability of relevant data makes it possible for you to understand what’s more important and what’s not that important. So, you can prioritize things better.

  • More ProductivityWhen you have to concentrate only on the core activities of your business, productivity is bound to increase. And with productivity, revenue will also experience a rise.

Now let’s take a look at the myths about data entry outsourcing-

Selecting a Good Outsourcing Company is Rocket Science

No, it’s not! It’s true that good and bad people are everywhere and outsourcing industry is not an exception but not all the companies in this industry are involved in underhand practices. There are many companies that provide brilliant data entry services to clients. You just need to spend some time on finding a reliable data entry outsourcing company by evaluating it on different parameters.

Finding a Good Data outsourcing Company Takes Time

It’s shocking! We are living in the cyber age where everything is available online and you think finding a good company for data entry is a time-consuming task. Just a short online research can lead you to many outsourcing companies from which you can shortlist a few that seem the best suited for your job. After shortlisting them, you need to request quotes from them through e-mails or forms available on their websites. Usually, it takes maximum 24 hours for these companies to generate quotes. Once you receive quotes, you can compare them to find the most appropriate company for you.

We can Do it on Our Own

Having confidence in yourself is great but there’s a very thin line between confidence and over-confidence. When running a business, there are many things to take care of. Adding one more to them will surely make you lose focus from productive work that supposes to of greater concern for your business. Besides, lack of technical knowledge about the work will make you learn the work first. Think about it, are you ready to do that? Well, when it’s not your core competency, it’s good for you to outsource it to an experienced company.

Outsourcing Data Entry will Cost a Fortune

If outsourcing was expensive, why would more and more businesses go for it? Outsourcing saves you from investing heftily in infrastructure, technological tools, employee’s training, recruitment, and remuneration etc. So overall, it’s way cheaper than doing it in-house. Besides, the benefits it offers make it cost-effective to go for it.

Doing it In-house is Faster

If you think that doing it in your own business premises can be faster than outsourcing, you have probably never outsourced anything earlier. These professional companies know to do their work quite well and that’s why they take very less time when compared to in-house processing. Moreover, such data outsourcing companies provide you a deadline before entering the agreement and meet them in most cases.

Increasing E-commerce Sales with Impressive Product Reviews

As people are getting more and more educated about online shopping, the value of product reviews is increasing accordingly. Most of the online shoppers prefer to go through a couple of reviews before going for purchase. When it comes to online shopping, the convenience of checking out the product physically is not possible; hence, buyers look for some alternative methods to be sure about the quality of the products and services being offered online. Though there are some other methods also which can be used to get required details about the offerings, like e-mails, live chat and calls but reviews remain the most popular of them all. Continue reading Increasing E-commerce Sales with Impressive Product Reviews