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Customers in this modern world want to get more and more idea about the products before buying. Images or photos plays an important part in showing each and every physical feature of the products like color, size, dimensions etc. To show all the angles of your product, you need 360 view images of the product means panoramic photograph or wide format photograph. Camera shots are not like the human eyes. Their views are limited in terms of area. So to get a panorama photo you need to stitch the series of regular sized photographic images together. Stitching images is a very complex task which involves calibration of each image, wrapping them for alignment, blending all images in a pattern to remove the issues like borders, blur, changes in texture, ghosting etc. This type of photo editing is not an easy task. It needs professionals with complete technical skills.

Panorama photo stitching

Saivion India offers very high-quality panorama photo stitching services. We have a team of expert professionals who can handle all requirements regarding cropping, overlapping and photo editing without any scaling and distortion problems in the panorama image. We ensure to cover complete 360 degree spin of your products so that customer can analyze your products in a better way.

Why Saivion India for panorama photo stitching services

  • Expert Team – our panorama photo stitching experts have a vast experience in this field.They can stitch complex images together in a beautiful way and generate the result with the layered output. We perform following activities to do such type of editing.
    • a) Image Cropping - Each image will be copped with the same dimensions (length or width).
    • b) Image Overlapping – Images will be overlapped perfectly to blend all the borders together
    • c) Photo Editing - Distortion like color, blur,ghosting etc. which occurs due to difference in the images will be removed.
  • Support of Different panoramas – We offer stitching for all type of panoramas including rectilinear, circular and full frame. We can save the stitching results in format desired by the clients. Some of the common formats are JPEG, TIFF and QuickTime.
  • Quality Enhancement – We always maintain the quality of the images after the stitching process. Whether your images are slightly distorted, rotated or tilted, we can stitch your images flawlessly. We also improvise your photos by removing abstract colors, spots, shadows, camera flashes or any undesirable element present therein.
  • Step by Step process – In Saivion India, a predefined process is followed to perform your photo stitching
    • a) Image Assembling – We gather all the images and align them together in the order in which they are to be stitched
    • b) Search for Control Points – After aligning, we examine them to find the control points that are same in adjacent images. These points will be overlapped during stitching
    • c) Spots refinement – We find all the distortions present in the image and remove them in this step.
    • d) Image Perfection – All the images are stitched together and seam errors will be removed to get a single large panorama image.

If you are looking for a professionals who can perform your panorama photo stitching task with quality then please write to us at