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  • Media-rich e-books that grab the attention of readers
  • Interactive content for excellent user experience
  • Scalable solutions to meet your growing requirements
  • Content development, conversion, & formatting services
  • Well-versed with various e-book formats like ePub & iBook
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Just like the other spheres of life, digitization is affecting the education sector as well. Computers and the internet are becoming the mode of education for many people in this modern era. You can get information about anything over the internet within a few minutes. Due to such rapid growth in technology, devices such as tablets, smartphones, Kindle Fire, iPads, etc. were introduced.

These devices have made the e-publishing services popular among the users, which helps you to takes the information from the books to your mobile and computing devices. Now the numbers of e-books and e-readers are growing day by day.

Excellent E-publishing Service Provider

E-publishing helps you to store your information digitally, which will not only secure your precious data but, also allows you to easily share it among masses.

SaivionIndia offers you stupendous e-publishing services with which you can transform documents, books, notes or more into digital files. During the conversion of e-books, we perform the following activities:

  • Linking and tagging of the table of contents in a proper manner
  • Arranging the images in the proper size and order
  • Arranging of the order of page headers and footers
  • Converting them to compatible PDFs so that they can be accessed by other devices

Our ePublishing Services Include

ePub Conversion

You can trust on us for high-quality production as well as execution of complicated EPUB conversion projects

eBook Conversion

Creating a compatible digital formats that work for all our clients, we offer incredible eBook conversion services

Flip Book Conversion

Flash flip eBooks are the way of creating, publishing and reading content on the hand-held device

DTBook Conversion

DTBook e-publishing team has worked on many projects and holds exceptional dexterity in it

PubMed Conversion

Our professionals absolutely adhere to the format prescribed by The National Library of Medicine (NLM)

MobiPocket (Kindle)

Kindle has been developed for an enhanced user experience for readers with positive response

Our Extensive Range of E-publishing Services Includes

ePub Conversion

ePub is one of the most popular e-book formats. If you want to go with this format, our experts can provide you with excellent e-publishing services.

ePub3 Conversion

For those who want this latest version of the format, we have some exciting packages. Contact our team today and get custom packages and free trials.

Fixed Layout ePub Conversion

Want uniformity in the layout? Let our experts handle your ePub conversion & get e-books that have all the layout features you want to be laid out consistently.

Read Aloud ePub Conversion

Integrating audio files in e-books is something to be done very carefully. Leave it to the professionals of SaivionIndia and get excellent results.

KF8 Conversion

Targetting Amazon Kindle readers is a smart decision and we are always there to help you in this context with result-oriented KF8 conversion services.

Nook Conversion

Our top-notch quality, affordable Nook fixed layout conversion and formating services are designed to cater to the specific needs of our clients.

Flash Flip Book Conversion

Flash Flip books provide a great user experience with interactivity extended multimedia. We can help you with the creation of fabulous Flash Flip books.

HTML Conversion

These conversion services are preferred by publishers who want cross-browser compatibility for their e-books. Reach us today for more information.

XML Conversion

Our data conversion specialists can convert to XML from all types of formats. Just provide us the raw data and see your e-book ready within weeks.

DTBook Conversion

DTBooks offer a great reading experience and that's why many publishers around the globe prefer it. Our team is adroit in DTBook conversion.

PubMed Conversion Services

For organizations that want online publishing of medical content, PubMed is a great option. We convert to PubMed considering PubMed Central JATS.

PDF Conversion

PDF offers utmost convenience & you can pass on this convenience to your readers via PDF e-books. Team up with us for quality PDF conversion services.

MobiPocket Conversion

When it comes to MobiPocket conversion services, we have 8+ years of experience in providing excellent services. You can rely on us unhesitatingly.

Kinds of E-books We Excel at Creating

  • Educational E-books
  • Children's E-books
  • Comic E-books
  • Trade E-books
  • E-magazines or Ezines
  • B2B E-publishing
  • Digital Catalogue Publishing
  • Digital Travel Guides
  • Government Records
  • Financial Records
  • Legal Documents

Our E-Publishing services add value to your content in the following manner:

  • Converting different types of work into digital content such as textbooks, magazines, children's content, STM, etc.
  • Helping publishers in storing and managing web-published data with XML and DTD design
  • Educational technology solutions for K-12, higher education, professional segments are given from the stage of planning to post-implementation
  • We hold expertise in the latest e-publishing and HTML5 & CSS3 technologies
  • Complete service e-book development from publishing to conversion to monetization

Key Features:

With our e-publishing services, our clients receive the following benefits:

Experienced Staff: We have a skilled team that is capable of converting any of your documents in any format like mobile devices and tablet formats. Most of our team members are certified from recognized institutions. It assures our worldwide clients of reliable and effective service.

Quality Output: Here at SaivionIndia, the quality of the converted output is maintained with great care. Our esteemed services of clipping, cropping and resizing help to convert the images, tables, graphs, charts, etc. to any formats. We are experts in delivering media-rich and interactive content.

Versatile Service Provider: We can easily handle any volume of conversion for any device. Our agency is capable of handling bulk e-publishing services. Our experienced professionals have the potential to edit technical content in an interactive & meaningful way.

Strong Validation: We have a duo checking system for the converted output so that we can enhance its quality. The first step ensures that the text in the converted file is error-free and the other step checks the compatibility of converted documents on the various type of devices.

Efficient Work Process: We have adopted an agile methodology to ensure the delivery of expected results. Besides, our scalable delivery model is there to fit your business needs perfectly, today and tomorrow.

On-time Delivery: We have enough resources which help us to meet the deadline. Due to the availability of a strong workforce, it becomes feasible for our company to deliver projects before estimated deadlines.

Budget-Friendly: We ensure that our services save your time and cost without any compromise on the quality of the converted data. Due to our cost-effective deals, most of our existing clients recommend our services to prospective clients.

Dedicated Support: SaivionIndia understands the importance of clients' work. That's why we also provide direct assistance from the technical team to the clients. We also have a 24×7 support so that you can contact us as per your time zone.

Extended File Format Support: With the increase in the use of mobile devices and tablets, we also extend our e-publishing services for all popular devices. We are capable of converting compatibles documents from any source such as PDF, HTML, text files, MS Word, Hard documents, scanned documents, or XML.

Feel free for any queries regarding e-publishing services for your products.