The evolution of e-commerce has led to the transition of businesses from a traditional approach of showcasing the goods in physical form to listing them in an online catalogue. To stay ahead of the competition, an e-commerce business has to acclimatize as per the changing preferences of the buyers. But there's one thing that always remains constant, the necessity of an informative, engaging, and appealing catalogue.

Now, when the number of products and services is ever-increasing, online catalogues are to be structured in such an organized way that you can add or delete a product or service in a jiffy. Also from your customers' perspective, the arrangement of products and services has to be such that they can identify and locate listed products very easily.

At SaivionIndia, our dedicated team of professionals helps you to create, maintain, and periodically update product catalogues on your e-commerce website in a more efficient and systematic manner. We help you transform your paper catalogues to self-descriptive web catalogues. Product details on your web catalogue will help your customers get a better idea of the products you are offering and also in identify the right product for their requirements.

Operating around just 1 or 2 marketplaces?

Wake Up & Smell the Coffee! Opportunities are boundless!

E-commerce hasn't brought benefits to consumers only. While providing the utmost convenience to the buyers, it has provided businesses with more selling opportunities. So many online shopping platforms around us can help e-stores to expand by allowing them to raise their sale figures. The only challenge that e-commerce businesses may face while establishing themselves across different online platforms is the varied operational approach of those platforms. In such a situation, taking services of a catalogue management company that's well-conversant with the functioning of all such platforms becomes imperative for e-businesses.

Product data can be derived in various formats from various sources like-

  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Distributors
  • Marketing Teams
  • Product Brochures
  • Web Pages
  • E-mails
  • And more...

Challenges Involved

Collating data from so many resources in different formats and then organizing it in an appropriate format and structure needs professional expertise, lacking which can make organizations either spend massive money, time, and efforts or end up with messy data.

Apt Solutions

Entire useful data is gathered from various founts and is given a uniform structure in a particular format. The data sets in their original forms are needed to be cleansed for cataloguing. Sometimes, there is too much data from which we have to pick useful data pieces carefully. Here, we have to make use of data extraction tools.

Product Data Requires to be Periodically Processed for Sales Channels--

  • With different data requirements
  • That demand additional information beyond market norms
  • That ask for specific styling or formatting

Challenges Involved

It's quite complicated to sort data and render it easy to publish so that it can be used across various platforms. Catering to varied needs regarding formatting or font styling can also be tedious and time-consuming. On the other hand, making efforts towards editing the data in hand or searching for more data can make you miss out on growth opportunities.

Apt Solutions

Product catalogue management services also include arranging relevant data in required format, formatting and styling it as per the specific requirements of the sales platforms, and uploading data onto them. Even massive data can be uploaded quickly when you have partnered with the right professionals.

Why Choose SaivionIndia for Catalogue Management Services?

  • We have vast experience in product catalogue management services.
  • We provide 100% quality and result-oriented services.
  • Our teams are staffed with dedicated professionals who always bring amazing results for our clients.
  • We deeply understand the Five Cs of catalogue management services: Customer, Communication, Commitment, Change, and Culture.
  • Our professionals always ensure proper conversion of your paper catalogues to digital catalogues for your customers.
  • The team of SaivionIndia ensures the timely maintenance of product catalogues by adding or modifying product-related information.
  • We offer an extensive range of services including product related data entry, image processing, catalogue building and indexing, online catalogue maintenance, data feed submission, meta tags optimization, and order processing.
  • We ensure complete product data privacy and security.
  • Our professionals have considerable experience in handling large volumes of data management services with high accuracy and fast turnaround.
  • Our services will boost your company's profit and reduce your in-house costs.

Our Catalogue Management Services include:

Our Expertise:
  • Magento E-commerce Store
  • osCommerce Store
  • Yahoo Store
  • Volusion E-commerce Store
  • CRE loaded E-commerce Store
  • MonsterCommerce Store
  • Zen Cart E-commerce Store
  • 3DCart E-commerce Store
  • AspDotNetStorefront E-commerce Store
  • X-Cart E-commerce Store
  • NetSuite Store
  • Custom E-commerce Stores

How We Work?

We perform research on every project deeply and then take actions on various areas according to the priorities. We focus on all major factors such as attributes, metatags, pricing, shipping policies, image processing, and warranty details. In terms of maintenance, we timely update the product information about new prices, availability of stocks, deletion of products, product images, and wrong orders. We assign fully dedicated technical teams to our clients for their projects.

Need Assistance?

For any queries regarding catalog management services of your products, contact us.

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