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  • Customized services based on precise business requirements
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Catalog Processing

Having an online shop lets you showcase your products and services to a wide range of customers across the globe and in turn increases your organization's revenue exponentially. This also means your customers have a limited scope of evaluating the product specifications as they don't have physical access to your offerings. This gap needs to be filled in order to assure your visitors that they are buying the right product. This can be done through effective catalogue processing. Broadly our catalogue processing services include sorting products, adding them, giving their description, specifications, and other required information that is useful for the customer buying the product.

We, at SaivionIndia, help you overcome the complexities related to catalogue processing with our top-notch quality services, we are the e-commerce industry's premier service provider of back-office support like catalog processing, cataloguing, catalog updates, e-commerce product entry services, and much more. You just need to share your requirements with us and then sit back and relax. Our highly qualified professionals will do all the hard work for you to procure data from different sources and create an online catalogue for your e-commerce store at regular intervals, as we very well understand that web-based catalogue processing is an ever-running process. Hence, the SaivionIndia team keeps adding your new products and offerings to your online shop along with the product-related information.

Broadly our catalogue processing services include adding and updating products with information, arranging products as per categories and subcategories, create SEO friendly product descriptions, categorization of products according to size, colour, features, price, etc.

What includes under our eCommerce catalog processing services:

  • We gather product information from different available sources like manufacturer's website, hard copies of product specification documents or its soft copy in the form of scanned images or PDFs
  • Arranging products as per categories and subcategories
  • Regularly adding and updating products with information
  • Create SEO friendly product descriptions
  • Creating SEO friendly meta tags
  • Categorization of products according to size, colour, features, price, etc.
  • Writing description, better the description, better is the conversion rate
  • Product image editing for product beautification including retouching, and resizing
  • Regularly update your online product catalogue by adding new products and also updating prices of your current offerings
  • Upload product information including product price and product features
  • Digital marketing support
  • Adding details of offers, discounts, coupons etc.
  • Convert hard copy catalogues to digital format for uploading to your online store
  • Product information are presented in a good arrangement

Our Catalogue Processing Services include:

Being an all-encompassing catalogue processing company, we provide a host of services. Cast a glance:-

Collecting Product Data- For a great catalogue, we need relevant data. Our professionals collate data from PDFs, hard copies, scanned images, manufacturers' websites, and online catalogues. If that's not enough to make your catalogue information-rich, we sometimes conduct online research also.

SKU Development- SKU, the shortened form of stock keeping unit, plays a vital role in the management of stock for an e-commerce business. Catalogue processing and management can be a mess without proper SKUs. Our cataloguing professionals develop apt SKUs for all products in your online store.

Categorization- Products not categorized properly may not make their way to the buyers and hence, your sales would suffer. It's imperative to put your products in the right categories and subcategories so that prospective buyers can find them easily and place orders.

CSV Upload- Preparing and uploading CSVs always remain the most important part of e-commerce business operations. Our catalogue processing team is dexterous in creating error-free CSVs for various shopping carts and marketplaces.

Product Data Feed- The experts at SaivionIndia can handle all your data feed management requirements in an efficient way. They carefully manage product information, categorization, discounts applicable, etc. for a brilliant impression.

Generating SEO Compatible Content- Descriptions and titles with essential keywords integrated give more strength to your search engine optimization efforts and take your products to a lot more people. Our professionals pay good attention to the optimization of your product content and metadata..

Product Image Editing- We are staffed with seasoned image editors who are always there to edit product images as per requirements. These graphic artists can resize images, remove background, adjust color and brightness, add logos and remove watermarks.

Regular Updating- Changes in the prices, stock level, size, colors, offers, coupons, etc. must be updated in the store in real time. That's why we regularly update your e-commerce catalogue with the latest information available to us. Your buyers can make a more informed decision with all the needed information provided correctly.

Some popular e-commerce platforms we have worked for-

  • eBay
  • NetSuite
  • Zen Cart
  • X-Cart
  • BigCommerce
  • Monster Commerce

Our Methodology of Catalogue Processing


Before initiating any other thing, we conduct thorough research on the projects to ascertain the types of products and services you sell, figure out the categorization of your e-store, and your business strategy. It helps us in understanding your business better.

Project-based Training

With all the relevant information in our hands, we train our cataloguing professionals as per the specific needs of the project. Our experts understand the project in light of the given data with a view to developing a comprehension of the jobs needed to be performed.

Content Creation

Text and image content is the basic requirement of all catalogue processing projects. Our copywriting team pays good attention that titles and descriptions are crisp and SEO compatible and the image editing team takes care that the images are detailed and appealing.

Updating and Maintenance

Correctly updating product data to the catalogue is a task that should be done quite meticulously. We add your data to catalogues quite carefully so that the significant pieces of information reach the intended buyers without fail.

How Outsourcing Catalogue Processing Services Help E-commerce Businesses?

Lets You Focus on Core Functions

With an outsourcing partner taking care of your catalogue processing requirements, you can utilize your time and efforts towards other things and pay attention to the prime business operations.

Professional Catalogue Processing

Outsourcing companies like SaivionIndia are staffed with professionals who have long experience of working in their fields. Their experience reflects in the catalogues they prepare for the clients.

Falls Cheaper than In-house Processing

In-house catalogue processing will compel you to recruit and train staff, acquire infrastructure, and invest in workstations and other equipment. While outsourcing will cost way less than that.

Why Prefer SaivionIndia for Catalogue Processing Services?

  • Cost-effective catalogue processing services that minimize your operating cost
  • Accomplishment of jobs in short turnaround times
  • Adequately experienced and trained team of professionals to cater to your needs
  • Highly secure services to ensure data confidentiality
  • Competence to process catalogues as per client's e-commerce goals
  • Ability to use data across various e-commerce channels
  • Instant processing for critical needs such as quick launches for festive seasons
  • Careful processing that ensures quick page download

Do you have any queries about our catalogue processing services? If yes, contact us.

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