Back-end jobs of providing information stand as the backbone to effective business functioning. Whether it is about reports, payment sheets, or powerful presentations, they allow a systematic flow of a company's tasks. The strong foundation of every business is developed on reliable information being organized in a specified manner. This goes especially for the organizations that have to deal with hefty back-office processes related to billing, invoicing, accounting, purchasing, etc.

Through our offline data entry services, which involve extracting information and converting it into a digital format, we offer our clients a high-grade digitized data that takes less storage space and enables the company professionals to track the required information when the need arises. While providing effectual data entry solutions, we take into consideration the budding demands for high-quality services delivering excellent outputs.

Our Range of Offline Data Entry Services:

Our 7+ consecutive years in delivering offline data entry projects is a great milestone in our success. During this period, we made strong business relations with several clients across all the corners of the world. We also earned 10000+ positive testimonials from our clients. Here are some prominent offline data entry services provided by us:

  • Gathering mailing lists from digital resources
  • Compilation of details from filled-in forms
  • Entering details in MS Excel
  • Offline data collection and capture
  • Developing excellent looking PowerPoint presentations
  • Making invoices and other payment related bills
  • Data entry for insurance claim forms
  • Web URL collection
  • Offline image capture & storage
  • Form filling with data from different resources
  • Entry for e-books, business cards, catalogues, and labels
  • Offline entry of data from one format to another format
  • Database entry
  • Form Processing
  • Form Processing
  • Medical Records Data Entry
  • Banking Documents data Entry
  • Data Entry of Orders, Invoices, Receipts, etc.
  • Data Entry of Utility Bills
  • Employee Data Maintenance
  • Payroll Processing

Outsource to SaivionIndia for Huge Time and Money Savings

Offline data entry services offered by SaivionIndia are designed to reduce the costs of the jobs significantly. Also, our professionals key in data so fast that we deliver projects within very short turnarounds. Hence, teaming up with us saves a great deal of time and money for your business.

Offline Data Entry Services Included

Yellow White Pages Data Entry

Yellow and white pages are a great source of information for businesses looking for vendors or customers

Image Data Entry

We provides budget-friendly image data entry services under the framework of quality standards

Business Cards Data Entry

Our business card data entry services help businesses extract & organize relevant info from business cards

Company Reports Data Entry

We maintain 100% accuracy and also undertake format conversion reports, For both online and offline data entry

Legal Documents Data Entry

Our data entry operators are trained to maintain good speed while ensuring flawless processing

Documents Data Entry

Helping businesses in getting their massive data converted into easily accessible digital files

Key Features:

With the aim of providing error-free data entry in offline mode, our agency is committed to giving a couple of advantages as follows:

Predefined Boundary: By feeding information into the computer without the use of the internet, our experts maintain simplified records for segregating details without any confusion. This kind of work is carried out in predefined boundaries for better execution of the project.

Effective Format: While collecting details from somewhere and feeding them to documented versions, our highly secured services play a vital role in changing the texted manuscript into a digital format. The data entry professionals associated with us type every detail from the manuscript and maintain high accuracy.

Authentic Safeguard: A secure digital format and effective provisions to avoid data loss enable us to safeguard the data of our valuable clients. It's always better to keep data in digital form as the slightest of problems occurring with the physical form of important information can pose a threat to effective business operations.

Smooth Business Operations: Our offline data entry services allow the necessary information to get locked in safe digital folders. By outsourcing data entry to us, companies are able to concentrate on other important tasks that help them in attaining an excellent position in the business world.

  • Data entry smoothens business operations
  • It channelizes the decision-making process
  • It leads to profitable business dealings with effectual results
  • It allows companies to plan essential business proceedings

Cost-effective Services: Despite the unmatched quality we provide, the prices of our services remain quite low. With our years of experience, we know the practices that can help us keep our costs low while making sure the quality does not suffer. It makes our services even more cost-effective.

Custom Packages: When you have a clear idea of what you want us to do for you, why not go for a custom package. Contact our team and request a custom quote defined as per your specific needs. We generate quotes within hours of receiving the request.

Scalable Services: We work towards a great future for all our client businesses and ensure scalability of the services we offer to them. You can scale up or down the package whenever you want. Just contact the customer support team and communicate your new requirements.

Unmatched Accuracy: When it comes to accuracy, we provide around 99%. Isn't that amazing? Our offline data entry experts work very carefully and make sure the data they key in is flawless. The final output is free from any kind of inaccuracies or discrepancies.

Infrastructure: Our data center in Delhi is equipped with state-of-the-art workstations having the latest software applications. Our team uses the most advanced technologies and equipment pieces including processors, scanners, OCR, ICR, etc.

To contact our team or discuss pricing plans of our offline data entry services.