Collecting business cards is a good idea as long as you utilize the information contained within. Having a lot of business cards increases the probability of information being lost unless it hasn't been properly recorded in a digital format.

Our business card data entry services help businesses extract and organize relevant information from business cards.

Here's What All We Offer in Business Card Data Entry

Data entry professionals at SaivionIndia have experience of working on multiple projects. Following is an account of what they do while providing business card data entry services-

  • Entering Electronic Business Card Information into Clients' Database – Outsource business card data entry services to us and get all your electronic business card information converted into an organized digital file. We will deliver all the information in the format you specify.
  • Extracting Information from Printed Business Cards and Creating Digital Records – Capturing information from printed business cards is something to be done quite carefully. Even a single missing character can ruin the efforts. Our professionals do it meticulously for accurate results.
  • Indexing Business Cards – Provide us your business card data and get it back in a properly indexed arrangement. You can have it indexed by name, date, location or any other detail you like. We can accept or deliver data in any format.
  • Format Conversion – Doesn't matter what format is your data presently in or what format you want it to be converted into, our team can do it swiftly with 100% accuracy. We ensure that the data in the new format is as per your needs.
  • Maintenance & Updating of Existing Business Cards – Your business associates, investors, and clients should always have your latest contact information. By regularly updating old business card information with the latest, our team makes it quite easy for you.
Our Business Card Data Entry Process

Here at SaivionIndia, we have an effective system in place to process business cards data entry.

Consultation: We start with a personalized consultation in order to comprehend the precise requirements of our clients. This initial consultation helps us deliver solutions that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

Information Collection: Business card information collection is the process of extracting data from hard copies, MS Excel files or other digital formats. Afterward, all the collected information is entered into an automated system.

Data Scanning: We have state-of-the-art automated systems to scan business cards and extract information. Our efficient OCR and ICR systems capture information which is later keyed in manually by our data entry experts.

Filtering and Formatting Data: After business card data scanning, we go for a data cleanup to get the data free from any irregularities. Here, our data management professionals make sure that all relevant information is retained properly.

Database Storage: The databases we create are easily retrievable irrespective of in which format they are. Besides, you don't have to worry about the security of the data when working with us as we never compromise on security.

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