Data collection refers to gathering facts in the form of numbers, which are then crunched for analysis. Various organizations collect data related to their clients, employees, suppliers, vendors, customers and more. They prepare the database or document them for future references.

Collecting data is a tedious task, but it is undoubtedly a vital job to keep a business going and growing. Deep data mining demands accuracy and specialization, and it is best to leave them to experts. Hence, outsourcing this task to data collection service providers is counted as wise person’s decision.

SaivionIndia has professionals who have years of experience in collecting data and arranging them in a meaningful manner. Surveys, questionnaires, interviews, direct observations are some of the popular and effective methods used by our team to collect data. Our aim behind rendering data collection service is to give you a break from managing customer or employee surveys, conducting market research and focus on other essential areas of business.

Our experienced statistical consultants are skilled in collecting data and will deliver you the work on time. Outsourcing data collection task to us will not only give you the right work at the right time but also reduce your operating cost of hiring in-house professionals and investing in required tools and infrastructure.

Benefits of Data Collection Service

  • Improvement in business workflow
  • Competitive advantage to the company
  • Data helps in analyzing business decisions
  • Access to real-time information
  • Proactively address business issues and capitalize opportunities
  • Reduces the chances of possible legal action and human rights complaints

Our Outsource Data Collection Service Includes

  • Doing market research
  • Remote data collection
  • Social Media data collection
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Employee & consumer data collection
  • Collecting data from the company’s records
  • Collecting data from the survey and questionnaire
  • Web data collection-collecting data from websites
  • Data collection related to product details, pricing & review
How Outsourcing Data Collection Service Providers Work?

SaivionIndia team follow a predefined procedure to give you the best and timely result.

Requirement Collection: Project requirements are collected from the company to resume the data collection work. The sample is sent to you as per the requirements received, and once the approval is received, we take first step towards data collection process.

Analyze Data to be Collected and Its Source: After the approval, our team analyzes the data to be collected and its sources using specialized tools.

Data is Collected: The professionals at Saivion collect the data very precisely and ensure the best outcome.

Database Quality Check: The data collected goes through a quality check to ensure that you receive an error-free database.

Send Data: Finally, you receive the data in the file format as prescribed. We offer data in various file formats- HTML, word, text, image, excel to name a few.

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