Deep etching, also sometimes referred to as clipping path, is a technique used in photo editing services to separate an intended section from the rest of the photograph, usually from the background. When separated, the clipped out section can be used with different kinds of backgrounds when using it for various purposes.

The deep etching services we offer are detail-oriented. Our photo retouchers manually draw entire paths to get pixel-perfect selections. This dedication of our team has helped us in attracting and retaining businesses from different industry verticals as our clients.

General Purposes of Deep Etching for Businesses

  • To replace the background of an image with a more suitable background
  • To remove background from an image for purposes like shadow effects, advertisements, etc.
  • For color correction of a specific part of the photo
  • For rendering certain effects to just a particular part of the image
  • When you have to highlight a particular area in the photo

How Deep Etching is Helping E-commerce Businesses?

Deep etching can help e-commerce stores highlight the details that are useful to the buyers. With the help of deep etching, businesses can have image backgrounds that meet their requirements.

For product pages, they can put their products on plain white backgrounds while for promotion, they can use a vibrant background that helps in attracting buyers. Clipped out images can also be used in creating eye-catching website banners communicating new offers, discounts, and products.

Our Deep Etching Packages are Based on Complexity Levels-

  • Basic Deep Etching This is for images that require single paths with straight lines or slight curves. For example ball, plate, mobile, book, egg, spoon, etc.
  • Simple Deep Etching Simple deep etching is for products that have a low amount of curves and holes such as shoes, t-shirt, rings, earrings, cameras, chairs, etc.
  • Medium Deep Etching Medium level clipping path services are for products with multiple holes & curves. For example bracelets, motor parts, group of products, etc.
  • Complex Deep Etching When compound & complex shapes are there to be selected, complex deep etching serves the purpose. Net and bicycle are its best examples.
  • Multiple Deep Etching Multiple Deep Etching is done when the need to render certain effects to multiple parts of an image emerges. E-stores often need such services.

Methods for Deep Etching Our Experts Employ

There are three methods generally used for professional clipping path services. As a leading company in the industry, we know all of them.

Deep Etching with Eraser Tool

Eraser Tool is used to manually erase the unrequired sections of images. But this method is used very rarely as it leaves rough edges around the separated sections.

Deep Etching with Color Section

Most advanced image editing applications have color sections that allow image editors to delete particular, selected colors and leave the desired parts unaffected.

Deep Etching with Pen Tool

This is the most used method due to the precision that Pen Tool offers. It allows manual tracing around the desired sections that result in a highly accurate selection.

Guaranteed Superior Quality Services

The team of SaivionIndia is committed to delivering excellence. We assure you of the absolute accuracy and fast speed across all projects you entrust us with. Though we never use automated processes, our deep etching professionals are adroit enough to process images swiftly. And yes, we rework on your photos until you find them perfect.

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