Data Conversion Processes that Ensure Zero Data Loss

Proven methodologies backed by technological advancements– delivered by seasoned professionals

  • Huge cost savings with assured minimum 30% cost reduction
  • Customized packages to suit your precise business needs
  • Strong arrangements for data security and confidentiality
  • Regular communication for efficient project processing
  • Experience of working with various digital data formats
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Data Entry

Data Conversion

The success of an online store lies in the quality of the data available with it, be it related to the product sales pitch or the product specifications supporting the sales pitch. At the same time, this available information must be technically correct and SEO friendly so that your page rank is also in line with your objectives of setting up an e-commerce store.

How businesses benefit from Data Conversion Services?

Suitable Electronic Format

Conversion allows you to keep your data in the digital format your work culture demands. You can pick from MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, or any kinds of online or offline spreadsheets.

Structured Data

When you get your data converted to a digital format, you get it in a properly structured form that makes it easier for you to find the intended information whenever needed.

Data Protection

Traditional formats like papers and files don't guarantee the protection of data. In such a situation, electronic formats seem to be the best options when it comes to data safety.

Easy to Copy & Share

When you have to share data among multiple people, the convenience offered by digital files is unmatched. You can copy, distribute, and share them quite easily and affordably.

Our data conversion processes includes:

OCR Services

An electronic mechanism which is used to convert digital documents into an automatic machine-editable text

XML Conversion

Process for converting information into a specific format that's more user-friendly, reusable and acceptable

Catalog Conversion

An effective model to generate relevant information & transform all paper catalogues into a digital portfolio

Image to Vector Service

Graphic designers at SaivionIndia can convert images to vector so that you get the high quality at low price that you desire

Raster to Vector Service

SaivionIndia brings to you the best manual raster to high quality vector conversion services

PDF to Word Service

Our brilliant professionals team can convert data in PDF files to Word files accurately and quickly

PDF to HTML Service

We hold expertise in converting all kinds of PDF documents into HTML files within short time frames

Our Core Data Conversion Services are:

Our other data conversion service consists of the following:

  • Capturing data from both editable and non-editable PDF formats and convert it into an easy-to-access file format.
  • Accurately converting text, PPT, RTF, Flash, PDF, Image and Design files into HTML
  • Extracting data from scanned documents and store the same in a structured form using the XML format.
  • Converting digital documents from one format to another including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.
  • Converting hardcopy documents, webpages, and physical books into e-book formats such as Mobi, ePub, ePub2, ePub3, etc.
  • Managing large volumes of data by converting it into SGML format thereby facilitating the sharing of machine-readable documents.
  • Converting PDF files into OCR-processed, text-searchable PDF documents.
  • Converting data tables containing scanned documents into MS Excel, CSV or any other spreadsheet format with utmost accuracy.

Why should you outsource to SaivionIndia?

With the help of our strong expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, we provide all kinds of data conversion services to our clients. Have a look at some of the factors that make us one of the best service providers:

  • Our team possesses vast experience in the field of data conversion and we have experience of catering to a wide variety of customers varying from publishing houses, libraries to other content providers throughout the globe.
  • Our adherence to high quality standards helps us to deliver data that take our clients closer to the predefined objectives.
  • We can provide you data conversion services that are scalable to any level of production along with the flexibility to fit in as per your requirements.
  • We possess a highly experienced team that can handle a huge cache of data and still deliver within the specified delivery schedules.
  • Our team is capable enough to handle multilingual jobs. We can deliver converted data in double-byte characters as well if you have such requirements.
  • When working with SaivionIndia, you can stay assured that you are getting brilliant quality at affordable prices. We make sure that our services stay within the budget specifications of the clients.

Data Security- Our Prime Concern

Your data is as safe and secure with us as with you. When you trust us with your precious data, it becomes our responsibility to ensure the utmost safety for it. We have invested in some of the most advanced data security measures and follow the best industry practices to ensure your data stays away from all kinds of risks and threats.

Key Features

Our company believes in providing additional benefits with a vision of long-term business relations. Here are some of such benefits:

Enhanced Compatibility: Under its Data Conversion Services, SaivionIndia offers you the best-in-class services and our team is capable of converting data from almost all types of sources like PDF, HTML, Images, Journals, Reports and printed or soft catalogues. We offer you data conversion services to convert the source into meaningful information that is SEO friendly at the same time.

Search Engine Friendly: The SaivionIndia team offers you this service to convert data available in electronic format into high-class SEO friendly content that is well tagged to improve the page rank and at the same time attractive enough to compel the readers to go through the complete content.

Support Printed Documents: We convert any data that exists in printed format to an electronic format like XML. To do so, we have a cutting edge technology of scanning documents and images and then these scans are converted into digital formats by our matchless technicians with the best accuracy rate.

Dedicated Staff for Manual Work: We also have a team to provide you manual data entry services, and also a dedicated team of editors to do editing and proofreading. This is how we ensure that you get the converted data with the best-in-class accuracy. Being an experienced data conversion service provider, we also have the capability to connect to your existing document management system.

Understanding with Books: SaivionIndia also has book conversion services on offer where you get to have your printed books, web-based articles, paper-based data and manuscripts converted to electronic formats such as e-books, e-research papers, e-brochures, and e-journals. During the conversion process, our team simultaneously works on paragraphs, margins, and indentation of the text. Also, we work on editing and proofreading of the converted data. This factor makes us a perfect data conversion partner for publishing houses.

Consult our experts for discussing data conversion projects.