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  • Accurate listings with error-free titles & descriptions
  • Appropriate categorization for strong search visibility
  • All small and huge listings executed in quick turnarounds
  • Constant performance analysis and optimization by experts
  • 24X7 client support assistance via an efficient team
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Outsourcing Services

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces with a vast customer base. It’s consistently growing day-by-day in the terms of products & services. Due to the reliability on the quality of its products and services, this online store enjoys a prestigious position in the e-commerce market. As a complete e-commerce store, Amazon provides its partners an online platform to sell their products to a large number of clients and earn profits.

If you are looking forward to joining this bandwagon but worry about managing product titles, descriptions, and categories, then you are in the right place. Amazon listing services entail a lot of activities like product data entry, catalogue processing, bulk product upload, product description writing, and product photo editing. Managing all these jobs requires advanced technical knowledge and we have a great team for it. Our specialists always pay special attention to the requirements of our clients. Our experienced team creates Amazon listing keeping the focus on attributes such as product titles, SKUs, informative descriptions, prices, images, quantities, URLs, etc. We also provide eBay listing services.

Our Other Listing Services


Well-crafted and SEO friendly product descriptions for the products on your web store to improve the page rank of the eCommerce store

Catalog Updating

Our catalogue updating services include adding & updating products with information, arranging products as per categories

Photo Editing Services

We are a digital photo editing outsourcing company in India. We offer an array of photo editing services that are reliable and cost-effective

Magento Product Entry

Our dedicated professionals can upload products on your Magento based website, we can help you with our top-quality services.

Shopify Product Upload

Our Highly experienced professionals provides top-notch quality Shopify product upload services at affordable prices and fast turnaround

Offshore IT Staffing Services

Our professionals staff have adequate qualifications & experience to deliver brilliant outputs that provide absolute client satisfaction

Virtual Assistant

We provides brilliant low-priced virtual assistance. We have satisfied clients who come from different countries of the world.

Our comprehensive suite of Amazon product data entry service include

  • Meticulously adding all the product related information such as SKU, MNP, UPC, standard product ID, product tag, description, brand name, etc.
  • Adding and editing essential product attributes such as size, colour, shape, material, weight, etc to give the right information to the customers.
  • Writing informative, engaging, compelling, and search engine optimized product titles and descriptions
  • Diligently putting the data online irrespective of the fact information is of a single product or multiple products.
  • Keeping you abreast with the stock level, restock dates of your products ensuring you are able to calculate the right shipping time and there is no hurdle in delivery.
  • Editing and enhancing product images before uploading them to meet the Amazon’s standard and to maximize your sales.
  • Methodically categorizing and sub-categorizing products while uploading them so that potential buyer can find the product easily and in no time.
  • Properly analysing the product to set up variant relationship. Main item is listed as parent SKU with the help of Variation Theme, and child SKU is defined accordingly.
  • SEO guidelines are followed w.r.t. Product title, description, Meta tag, image URL for higher ranking of your page on the search engines.
  • Checking ‘General Pricing Rules’ as given by Amazon and to maximize profit, we can adjust item price taking Amazon fee and shipping rates into consideration.
  • Managing promotional offers, discount, coupons and reward points to attract more customers on the e-store.
  • Helping you in getting important details from the authorized department like European Article Numbers (EANs), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) and Universal Product Codes (UPCs).
  • Assisting you in Amazon order processing and shipment tracking to ensure right product reaches the right customer at the right time.

Why Choose SaivionIndia for Amazon Product Listing Services?

Being a proactive market place product listing company, we have 7+ years innovative experience in the e-commerce industry. We are considered as a unique Amazon listing service provider due to the following customer based incentives:

  • 100% innovative approach for quality product feed
  • Maintains the integrity of the Store
  • Increase the brand reputation among potential customers
  • Trust of product store
  • Error free attributes
  • Fully Fledged functionality of store
  • SEO friendly Amazon listing services

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How We Help You Grow

Fully-fledged functionality of the Store

When you make us your Amazon product listing partner, you can stay assured about the functioning of your Amazon store. Our professionals constantly review the store and do the needful wherever required to ensure smooth functioning.

Optimized Listings

All our copywriters are well-grounded with search engine optimization practices pertinent to the text content and pay good attention that all the content they generate is properly optimized. It gives a competitive advantage to your store over your competitors.

Brand Building

Brand building is all about making people positively noticing and remembering your brand. All our services aim at making the shopping experience convenient to the buyers which eventually head towards the goal of establishing a strong brand image.

Key Benefits

Our agency provides several benefits for new and existing clients. Have a look:

Enhanced Technical Support: To manage the Amazon's store, you must have technical awareness about all tips & tricks which are related to product submission. It is a time-consuming process, that's why it needs technical specialists who can manage the entire catalogue as per the requirements of clients. Our staff members are experienced adequately to deal with all attributes of the listed products.

Customized Product Listing Template: At SaivionIndia, we choose templates as per the requirements of the clients. We also perform data entry of the products in excel file. Apart from that, we create content which is informative and SEO compatible to enhance your sales prospects.

Categorization: Proper categorization and subcategorization help customers to conveniently reach the desired products. Our professionals classify the products under apt categories and subcategories so that visitors can reach the intended products without wasting their precious time.

Complete Catalogue Management: We manage the Amazon product listing by creating proper categories, sub-categories, descriptions, SKUs/UPCs, inventory etc. Our data entry experts also insert and update each and every product detail such as product title, product ID, product tag, description, features, price, quantity, URL etc. to provide up-to-date information to the customers. By using the advanced upload tools, we are capable of uploading a single product or multiple products in an efficient manner.

Precise Bullet Points: Amazon allows sellers to list the main attractions or USPs of their products in bullet points. Our team crafts precise bullet points for the products we upload onto Amazon for ensuring a better comprehension of the product for the prospective buyers. It also affects the discoverability in search results.

Quality Image Editing Output: Eye-catching and detailed images always make a direct, positive impact on your sales. Clear images will always help your customers to understand your products in a better way. While a poor image will always bring doubt about the quality of your product. We ensure uploading of right images as per the guidelines of Amazon. Our graphic artists are well aware with techniques to enhance images for e-commerce use.

Systematic Order Processing: In order to ensure efficient processing of the orders placed by the customer, we assist you in keeping a track of the processed and pending orders which will help you to keep your inventory up to date.

Improved Store Search: We deeply study your products and set up your products in parent-child treelike categories and subcategories. With the help of Variation Theme Element, We list the main product as the parent and organize the other products as a children depending upon the other attributes such as color, size, count, style etc.

Excellent Customer Support: We provide 24x7 customer support for our customers and we always answer their Amazon product feed related queries instantly. If you think that amazon is not a compatible platform for you then there are 5 product listing sites that you must use to sell your products. This amazing list will describe you about the all platforms for product listing.

By now, you must have understood the major benefits of the product listing on Amazon by Saivion. Get a quote for customized packages of Amazon product listing services now.