Smartphones and apps have been revolutionizing the modern lifestyle since their inception. App stores are witnessing thousands of new apps launching every day. Some apps are for simplifying certain processes, some are for gaming, some for infotainment and so on. Whatever type of mobile apps are to be developed, professional expertise is needed to have an edge over the competition.

At SaivionIndia, we are transforming imaginations into reality for the last eight years with our user-centric mobile app services. We are an all-encompassing app development company that works for you from conceptualizing the process to the deployment at the app store.

A Glimpse of Our Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Technology Consultation: Our professionals can help you to decide which technological platforms and tools are best for the kind of mobile apps you want to get developed.

Mobile App UX Design: While designing mobile applications, our team keeps the expectations of the users in mind and create designs that provide great user experience.

Mobile App Development: For startups, we suggest a single database while for corporate houses, we recommend shared database architecture for needed scalability & security.

Mobile App Integrations: Most apps require to be integrated to various backend systems such as e-commerce platforms, CRM, ERP, payment gateways etc. We do that efficiently.

Mobile App Testing: No app we develop is deployed till we are absolutely satisfied with its performance. Our app testing team ensures optimal performance for all apps.

Mobile App Maintenance & Support: Our partnership doesn't end just with deployment at app stores. Our mobile app developers see to your maintenance & support requirements as well.

Mobile App Marketing: Don't just develop & forget. To make it big, you need to promote your mobile app so that users can find it. Let our experts market it passionately.

Mobile App Related Services Include

IOS Development

Our iOS app developers structure the development process for your iOS app right from penning down the idea to the launch of your app.

Android Development

Our Android app developers have worked for multiple industries & built numerous apps that are fetching good revenue to the owners

Hybrid Development

Our mobile app development team utilizes the most advanced technologies & follows the best coding practices to build apps

Platforms Our Team Loves to Work For

Our mobile application development services are designed for the following platforms-

Android App Development: Some of the most expert Java developers are working with us making us the best choice for Android app development needs for all types of businesses.

iOS App Development: We develop iOS applications leveraging technologies like C, Objective C, Swift etc. Whether its iPhone, iPad, or wearables, we can deal with all.

Cross-platform Apps: The advancement in technology has led us to a point where all major mobile platforms can be targeted with cross-platform mobile app development.