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Daisy Digital Talking Books (DTBook) are audiobooks developed specifically for people suffering from print disabilities like impaired vision, blindness or dyslexia. It is an XML based file format that supports text and speech synchronization and allows convenient navigation via pages, bookmarks, headings, and footnotes it is the best features of ePublishing.

Apart from the benefits regular audiobooks offer, DTBook provides up to six levels of navigation and presentation of synchronized text to speech. DTBook also provide a great powerful search mechanism to locate the intended section of the audiobooks conveniently and quickly.

How DTBook is Different from Other Audiobooks?

All other audiobook formats are developed for people who can read but DTBook is developed especially for people with reading and visual disabilities. This format allows incorporation of audio files to read the text aloud.

People with any types of print disabilities can comfortably comprehend the content in documents with this format. Also, children that are comfortable listening to documents rather than reading them also find audiobooks great.

Most Exciting Features of DTBook

  • Professional voice over artists narrate the content within the document impactfully.
  • Playback speed can be modified without affecting the orating pitch.
  • Playback elements can be manipulated to provide the desired reading experience to users.
  • Allow to set bookmarks and jump back or forward to any specific chapter.
  • Prevent unnecessary strain to eyes that users might experience when reading books while traveling, working out or driving.
  • Content within a document can be easily searched.
  • DTBook has book margins to make notes for future reference.

Benefit from Our Expertise in Creating Different Types of DTBook

SaivionIndia holds considerable experience in DTBook conversion. Our DTBook e-publishing team has worked on many projects and holds exceptional dexterity in it. Here are the different kinds of digital talking books we work on-

Standard Audiobooks: This kind of DTBook contains the whole content in both text and audio forms. But navigation is not present in this type of audiobooks.

Navigation-enabled Audiobooks: These audiobooks are enabled with navigation for a convenient reading experience. This kind of DTBook allow easy access to any chapters.

Text Only: In such audiobooks, not voice over is added but the text converts to synthetic speech with the speech technology the audiobooks comprise.

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