PubMed provides a brilliant platform to those who want to store and distribute their medical journals, manuscripts, articles etc. PubMed needs all write-ups to be in specific formats, XML or SGML. SaivionIndia provides a complete PubMed conversion services suite to institutional repositories and commercial publishers.

Our PubMed XML conversion professionals convert medical write-ups into PubMed supported XML format complying with the specifications laid down by Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS). We take care of the entire process right from XML conversion to submission of articles and journals to PubMed Central Library.

Our PubMed Conversions Services Incorporate

XML Conversion: Clients provide us with their medical write-ups in Word, Text, PDF etc. formats and our experts convert it into XML as per specific guidelines.

Content Tagging: To make content PubMed-compliant, our data conversion professionals tag it carefully as per Document Type Definition and NCBI XML Schema.

Formatting: Following the guidelines issued by PubMed Central Library, we process complex images and scientific formulas for successful submission.

Quality Check: Before submitting journals to PubMed, our quality control team checks them scrupulously to find and eliminate any errors or inaccuracies.

PubMed Submission: When our quality check professionals give us a green signal, we submit the write-ups to PubMed and communicate the same to our clients

Our Dexterity in PubMed Conversion

We are providing PubMed conversion assistance for years and are well-versed with the nuances. Our professionals absolutely adhere to the format prescribed by The National Library of Medicine (NLM). Here's why you should trust us-

  • We have adopted conversion methods that are developed by seasoned conversion professionals.
  • Our track records make it clear that our international level quality comes at very reasonable prices.
  • The professionals at SaivionIndia are keen to understand the unique needs of the clients and deliver accordingly.
  • The quality check process we have in place is designed to detect even the slightest errors.
  • We believe in maintaining strong communication with our clients and keep them aware of all big and small developments of the projects we undertake.
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