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As online stores expand, their requirements concerned with platform changes and they need to be shifted to a platform other than the original one. Some other times, e-store owners begin with a platform and later discover it's not matching their requirements and they feel the need of some other platform.

In such situations, the most advisable step to take is to migrate the online store to a well-suited e-commerce platform with all the product data to date. But that's not everyone's cup of tea. Migrating data supposes to be a highly onerous process that requires the person handling it to be adequately trained and experienced.

How We will Assist You as Your Product Data Migration Partner?

Our e-commerce data migration services comprise of a lot of things. Here's a short account thereof-

Examining the Current Platform: The first step towards migrating an e-store to an excellent platform is to ascertain where does the old one lack. It helps us understand what features we need in the new platform.

Selecting New Platform: Our team conducts good research to find the best-suited e-commerce platform in light of the specific requirements. We consider a number of platforms before finalizing one for you.

Analyzing Database Structure of the New Platform: In order to organize your product data perfectly, we profoundly comprehend the way the new platform structures data. It's a vital part of our product data migration services.

Strategizing Data Transfer Process: While planning data migration, we make complete arrangements that no iota of data is lost or duplicated. This planning eliminates any chances of imperfection in data transfer.

Entering Data into Spreadsheets: For bulk product data migration, our experts organize your data into a tab delimited or comma delimited format. It speeds up the process even when data is in enormous amounts.

Ensuring Consistency with Previous Website Structure: To make sure your loyal customers don't face any problems in finding the intended pages, we take care that the URLs & page titles of your web pages remain identical to old ones.

Integrating Vital Systems & Processes: For an uninterrupted business operation of your web store, we integrate payment gateways, accounting systems etc. to your website as soon as product data migration accomplishes.

We Keep Your Updated with Developments

Right from the outset, we would assign a project manager that discusses all areas of concern with you and constantly updates you on the development of the project. We communicate to your team the progress of the project on every stage of the process.

We Work with an Extremely Professional Approach

When delivering platform migration services, we utilize the most innovative processes and solutions. To carry out migration swiftly and seamlessly, it becomes necessary to adopt the best methodologies. Though no piece of data is entered manually, all the applications are handled by seasoned professionals who supervise the entire process meticulously.

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