8 Advanced Software for Photo Retouching to Achieve Maximum Efficiency and Great Results

Whether you click insta-worthy pictures from your smartphone or use a professional camera for the product photo shoot, advanced photo editing software helps you bring the best out of those images. Camera technology has evolved in the last few years and also, the smartphone camera is no more point-and-shoot kind of camera. However, professional camera person and companies go to photo editors to level up the average clicks.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of photo retouching software coming with unique features. Some of them are free, paid, offline, online, suitable for Windows or iOS, or both. We have covered the top eight here:

1. Luminar

Compatible with both Mac and Windows, Luminar program can work as standalone as well as a plug-in. It is a complete software offering everything required to edit and organize photos. The behind the scene AI lets you set the tone, contrast, brightness, colour, brightness, and more to get an impeccable picture.

2. FaceFilter3

Up next, we have another heavy hitter in the photo retouching world because of its ease of usability. It comes with a plethora of advanced image retouching features that can make you look dressed to the nines. It is the ultimate photo beautifying toolkit that can be used for skin smoothening, removing blemishes, and adding multi-layer makeup.

3. PortraitPro

The name itself explains its functions. This software helps you in retouching the portraits and turn them to perfection. It uses AI technology, and by detecting the age, gender, and face it determines features. You can easily beautify the skin by removing wrinkles, changing makeup, eliminating sweat, and adding shine.

4. Movavi

Here is another popular photo retouching software to take a look at. Movavi gives you beautiful wedding photos, family portrait, and selfies by omitting the imperfections from them. Further, it allows you to even repair the damaged old images available in digital form.

5. Serif Affinity

Continuing with our list of advanced photo retouching software, Serif Affinity is next in the line geared towards Mac users. It comes with robust features like detailed coloration, vector drawing, layer effects. It gives the user ultimate control over the end product.

6. Photolemur

This is another great candidate for the advanced photo retouching software. The advanced AI technology can detect imperfections easily and retouch the same automatically. No steep learning curve, effortless photo retouching features, easy-to-use interface makes Photolemur, editor’s and photographer’s favourite.

7. Soft Skin

Another self-explanatory software from its name, Soft Skin is the best software to get flawless skin. You can remove red-eye effect, enhance skin texture, do full virtual makeup, whiten the teeth, and more even if you are an amateur.

8. Exposure XS 4

Alien Skin Software is definitely a brand which knows what it is doing in the photo retouching software market. Although it is less known than other big names because it is fit for beginners but fails to meet all the demands of professionals. It is a multi-featured software whose capabilities go beyond enhancing iris in the eyes, teeth whitening, skin softening, etc.

Are you using any of the above software to enhance the image of product or models? Share your experience with us in the comment section.

How Is Data Processing Service Essential For Logistic Industries?

Speed is the essence in the industry of logistics and transportation. The logistics business is rated according to the quality and speed at which products have been delivered to the customers. This race begins as soon as a logistic company receives an order for the shipment. A speedy and timely on-the-field work is possible only when off-the-field team is working at a great pace. Yes, we are talking about the data processing team. It has to be efficient in sorting out the unwanted data and obsolete data so that the company is only left with valuable information. It should be able to process the files and manage the documents in minimum time to unburden and decrease the cost of production of the company.

How Is Data Processing Service Essential For Logistic Industries

To stay ahead of the competitors, the logistic sector needs an effective mechanism that will improve the velocity of the work. It is a myth that logistic companies need large amount of data. In fact, it is not the quantity but quality of data that matters. A logistics company needs the right data for continuous business improvement. And no one can do that job better than a data processing service provider.

Let’s talk about in detail how data processing service benefits the logistic and transportation industry:

  • Enhance order processing capabilities

The data processing service is independent of existing orders and information from KPIs. By keeping relevant and accurate data, you make space for the entry of new orders. Eventually, this helps in shipping more orders and also, driving the demand further in the supply chain.

  • Do the forecast accurately

Are you wondering if processed data is used in the logistics industry for generating estimate? Well, yes, like most of the industries, historical data is used in making predictions in this industry as well. For instance, shipment during the holiday time usually calls for more workers at the warehouse, for delivery purpose, and so on. During holidays, employing more workers in the company helps in eliminating the congestion and ensuring smooth running of the supply chain.

  • Eliminates Irrelevant Data

Taking ‘not the quantity but quality of data that matters’ point further-every transaction, acceptance of the orders, departure of product generates data in the logistics and transportation industry. However, not all data is relevant to the transportation business. Data like employees check-in and check-out time is not at all required. In fact, such information needs to be filtered for the effortless working of the operations.

  • Improves scrutiny and visibility

Data in the logistics industry can be used to pass information to customers. They can be updated or notified on the status of their order. Also, real data can be used to identify routes to de-stress the process of shipment. Further, the same data can be accessed at the time of emergency at a port, ensuring timely and inexpensive delivery across the borders.

The use of data in the logistics and transportation industry should not make things difficult; instead, it should help in bringing efficiency in the shipping sector. However, only a well-processed data can ensure that.

Top Things to Know About A Quality Product Listing Technique at Sears.com

Customers cannot handle the goods physically on an e-commerce platform; therefore, presentable product listing matters. Proper product listing is the primary interface between products and users. On a web store, product listing is both a store window and a sales assistant. Quality product listing is essential for a happy buyer’s journey, then whether the destination is Amazon or Sear. Therefore, here are seven tips that will maximize the effectiveness of your listings and improve conversion rate.

Usually the tips remain the same for various e-commerce website; however, it might differ only on the basis of the interface of that website. Today, we will throw some light specifically on how to list product on Sears.

  • Take Care Of The Header

Another name for the header is title, and it plays a significant role in the product listing. This makes the customer click on the product and read further about it. The title should be catchy yet informative. It should describe the merchandise in less and creative words. However, it should not consist of the brand name, size, quantity, delivery time, etc.

  • Describe The Product Well

All those words that were coming to your mind and you couldn’t use in the ‘title,’ use them in the description. However, that doesn’t mean you will beat around the bush. Specifically mention the brand, material used, name, benefits, features, and more. The description should contain all the product information necessary for the potential buyer to make a decision.

  • Don’t Forget The Photo

Title, price, everything comes later because it is the photo that gives the first impression of the product. A dull and blurred photo will never get the click, however good your title or description is. A clear and high-resolution picture makes your future buyers visualize what they will get exactly. You can seek the help of the Sears product listing service provider for the same.

  • Mention The Right Price

After visualizing the product, what next do you check at a store? Of course, the price tag. The same routine is followed online. Mention competitive price as not only it will result in higher sales in general, but also gets your product on the top in the search box at Sears in particular.

  • The More Attributes The Merrier

Customers prefer variety not only under a category but the product as well. They like to explore the section to find out if the same product is available in different size, colour, etc. Various attributes are essential especially for products like apparel, footwear, bags, smartphone.

  • Shout Out The Unique Identifiers

Today, finding a product online is like looking for a needle in the haystack. A unique identifier helps a manufacturer or retailer helps in locating a particular product among mass-produced. GTINs, MPNs, brand name, bar code or Universal Product Code (UPC) are some of the commonly used unique identifiers.

  • Right Category Makes A Difference

Don’t make the mistake of putting your product in the wrong category. Double check the category in which your product has been listed. The wrong category will never get your product any buyers as they will never look for the product there. Can you imagine a site visitor looking for shorts in the group of skirts? You can always take help of e-commerce product upload service providers for more clarity on this.

We believe that the above points will help you in successful Sears product listing.

Beware of Job and Home Based Data Entry Work Scam Taking Place Under Saivion Outsourcing Services Name

Beware of Job Scam and Home Based Data Entry Work Using Saivion Outsourcing Services Name. We advise you to NOT respond to any email/message/call from anyone claiming to be from Saivion Outsourcing Services. The scammer’s email address is a generic email such as “fakename@gmail.com”, our email id will be like “xyz@saivionindia.com”

Continue reading Beware of Job and Home Based Data Entry Work Scam Taking Place Under Saivion Outsourcing Services Name
How Is Data Mining Helpful To Improve Business Growth?

Data mining refers to the collection, processing, and analysis of random data, and finding patterns in it to predict and discover many insights beneficial to a business. Every way in which a customer interacts with a business is a gold mine of inferences and inputs that can help in finding if the product/service is satisfactory. If not, what steps should be taken to improve? Not only this, but the insights can also help predict market behaviour; which is something to keep in mind before launching a new product. The advantages of the above, be it social media data mining, MS Excel Data Mining, or SQL Data Mining- are numerous and span across every field in business.

Various Data Mining Techniques Include:

1. Regression: collecting and analyzing data to predict the future behaviour of customers, so that you see every hurdle coming from a mile away; and are prepared for it.

2. Clustering: Classifying and merging the data of different categories to notice trends that were not visible before, so that you know what is working and what isn’t.  

3. Anomaly Detection: This technique is one of the most important benefits of data mining. If any irregularity or abnormality stands out, you will be the first one to know. This helps in minimizing efficiencies and to quickly point out if you are taking the wrong decision.

Data Mining Techniques
Data Mining Techniques

Some examples of industries that are making incredible use of Data Mining are:

  • Marketing: Social Media Data Mining helps advertisers and marketers build prediction models to judge how people will respond to their new marketing campaign or products. Also, it helps in estimating the size of a responsive customer base while also helping to target them for maximum profits and minimum customer acquisition cost.
  • Finance: MS Excel Data Mining or SQL Data Mining for bank records and credit scores help banks estimate if a loan is good or bad by creating a risk estimating the model. It also helps in predicting stock behaviour, which is indispensable when it comes to stock trading and/or long term investment. In addition to this, data mining also helps banks detect fraudulent credit card transactions to protect the owner of the card. Overall, in the finance sector, data mining has become an integral part of every area and has led to unprecedented change over the years.
  • Manufacturing:  SQL or MS Excel Data mining in the field of manufacturing has helped to keep various control parameters in check. Be it product specifications, or manufacturing efficiency or even detection of faulty products, data mining acts as an essential tool. Besides, it also helps in product design, using data discovery to maximize usability and safety.
  • Retail:  Through analysis of markets and customer behaviour, retail stores can optimize their supply chains and delivery schedules for efficiency. This not only saves time but also saves a whole lot of money and helps in maximizing profits. Also, various superstore chains like Walmart, IKEA, etc even pan out their architecture and interior to direct customers towards the areas with the most profitable products. Even the way products are arranged on shelves is tweaked and altered to help increase customer visibility and to influence their choices.

In this day and age, data is freely available and appears random to the inexperienced businessman. But people with an eye for detail, and an affinity for the future are usually the early adopters who later flourish in this field. With the help of algorithms, you can also utilize data to your advantage at an unforeseen scale.

Data mining specialist
Data mining specialist
How Product Listing On Amazon Can Magically Boost Your Sales

Are your products uploaded on Amazon still waiting to be sold? Amazon supposes to be one of the most popular product listing sites in India. Getting constant sales on such a big platform requires well-optimized listings and a proven approach. Behind your less than expected volume of sales, there can be many reasons. But you can surely raise the sales graph with little care.

Product Listing.
Product Listing.

Pay Attention to Listing Optimization

The first condition of sales it that the products should be visible to customers. When selling online, you need to optimize your listings with pertinent keywords. You need to make use of an effective keyword research tool to find keywords that work towards enhanced online visibility of your products.

While optimizing your listings on Amazon, you must make sure that you don’t have to infuse keywords into the content unnecessarily but place them naturally wherever required. If possible, place keywords in the title. Keywords in title bring better results.

Product listing
Product listing

Increase the Product Review Count

Online product reviews serve as personal recommendations for a big section of online shoppers. A good number of positive reviews about your products can help a lot in getting a higher sales rate for your listings. But unfortunately, most online buyers don’t give positive reviews unless you make efforts form your side.

You can use inserts in your packages and request customers to provide feedback for the products. Besides, you can contact them through e-mails and ask them to write a review of their recent purchases. You can also hire a company providing product listing services to write reviews on behalf of your customers.

Amazon Product Review.
Amazon Product Review.

Offer Your Products on Discounts

It might sound a little strange but yes, offering discounts to your customers can not just raise your sales but increase your revenue in the long run. Firstly, it encourages more sales and secondly, it gives you a wider customer base. If you manage to achieve a good number of sales for your products, your listing has more chances to appear on the top of the search results of the concerned keywords. It will certainly help you gain more sales down the line.

Discount Image.
Discount Image.

Invest in PPC Ads

Like all other major marketplace players, Amazon also offers PPC ads. Here are two PPC ads model offered by the giant marketplace.

  1. Manual

The manual model allows you to select keywords to be targeted. This model is good for entrepreneurs who know what keywords promise optimum results for their listings.

  1. Automatic

Under this model, you set a budget and let Amazon find customers for you. Amazon’s algorithm will pick the best suitable keywords for your listings and help you get a good conversion rate.

For those who want professional assistance, there are many companies offering Amazon product listing services in India that can be contacted to get a boost in sales.

Amazon Product Sale Boost.
Amazon Product Sale Boost.
Upgrade Your Online Store, Go for Magento Migration

Those who don’t embrace new technologies lag behind and repent. Period! Nobody can deny this hard fact. Different industries have seen numerous businesses falling apart due to not being able to adapt to new practices timely. The same can be the outcome of e-commerce businesses who still haven’t utilized the wonderful platform called Magento. Though there are many e-commerce solutions and each one is having its own set of benefits and setbacks, Magento comes with the most useful functionalities that can completely transform the way your online store looks and functions. Continue reading Upgrade Your Online Store, Go for Magento Migration

Tips to Optimize Google Shopping Feed the Professional Way

If you are among those merchants who think online shoppers don’t pay much attention to product content, you don’t really need to look for any more reason as to why your efforts are not paying well enough. About 90% of online buyers go through product content before making purchases. Besides, high-quality content impresses search engines also. Continue reading Tips to Optimize Google Shopping Feed the Professional Way

Importance of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services for Real Estate Business

When it comes to real estate agencies, the image quality holds utmost significance. The quality of the real estate images is one of the foremost determinants of the final decision of buyers considering the property in question. That’s why most real estate businesses team up with image editing services to present their properties in the most fascinating way. Real estate photo editing services have become a necessity for today’s real estate companies. Continue reading Importance of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services for Real Estate Business

9 Signs You Should Outsource Your Blog Content Writing

There’s no doubt that professionals have in-depth knowledge about what they do but explaining those things to others can be a challenging task. Many professionals choose to write blog themselves instead of hiring professional writers for blog writing services but soon they realize they need to change their decision. There are many signs that tell them they require hiring professional blog writers to get the maximum out of blogging. Let’s take a look:-

    • Your Schedule Goes Hectic

Today’s life is very busy and shouldering yet another responsibility of blogging can make your schedule even tighter. In order to utilize your time in a productive manner, you should consider taking blog writing services from professionals.

  • Website Ranking is Raising Slower than Expected

Sometimes, you make all possible efforts to enhance the ranking of your website but don’t get expected results. The problem may be in your blog content. Professional blog writers know how to make content search engine oriented which helps in getting better rankings.

  • You are Unable to Find Good In-house Writers

Finding a qualified writer can be very challenging for you. You can skip the strenuous, time-consuming, and costly process of finding and recruiting writers by teaming up with a reputed company that offers high-quality blog writing services.

    • You Don’t Have Knowledge of SEO

There are many things like meta tags, meta descriptions, meta titles and keyword placement that make content SEO friendly. If you are not aware of these things, your content will never have a wide reach. Professional blog writers understand such technical things perfectly and can create content that let your website gain multiple SEO benefits.

    • You Want to Introduce Fresh Perspective to Your Blog

Your blog readers don’t want to read same types of posts every day. To bring a fresh approach to your blog, you can let the posts be created by some new writers. And that can easily be done by outsourcing your blog writing to professionals.

    • You Lack Resource

Good pieces of content don’t just need good writers, they need many other things as well. There are many premium applications and tool that can make your content absolutely flawless. Besides, content editors play a vital role in making posts perfect in all aspects. You can’t have all these resources at your business place. Outsourcing can provide you passive access to them.

    • You Want More ROI

Every business yearns to maximize their return on investment. And when they can’t achieve the expected level, they try to find flaws in their business operations but sometimes the issue may be with your blog content. Good quality blog posts can surely add to your revenue.

    • Lack of Consistency

When you start to write you have a strong enthusiasm that motivates you to write one post every day but gradually you come down to one post a week or even month. This inconsistency can be detrimental to your blog following and business. For consistent blog posting, you must consider professional services.

    • You Don’t Find Blog Writing Fun

Blog writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. When you outsource this work, you know you are handing over it to someone who loves it. This love for blogging is something which reflects in the posts as quality. If you don’t like writing blog posts, don’t force yourself to do it and find a good company to do that for you.