How Smart or Digital Technology is Affecting Data Entry Processes?

Advanced digital technology is allowing businesses and individuals to obtain and muster massive compilations of information pieces which results in the generation of an enormous volume of data. Devices and equipment like computers, smartphones, digital accessories, advanced home technology, etc. are leading to regularly increasing heap of data. Continue reading How Smart or Digital Technology is Affecting Data Entry Processes?

Importance of Data Mining in Today’s Business World

It has been more than a decade since we moved from the era of analogs storage to digital storage. Big Data is one of the terms that we commonly hear today whenever there is a discussion about technology and business. This transitional phase of the digital age has posed many challenges to businesses and they are forced to adapt to new technologies and the environment in order to survive and grow in the market. Data mining is one of the areas that businesses are concerned about in order to adapt to the new market scenario. Continue reading Importance of Data Mining in Today’s Business World

Wedding Photo Editing Services – Lightroom Editing Basic | Advanced Retouching

Being a devout occasion, the wedding is done to unite two souls. Wedding function happens only once in a life. At that moment we meet our lovable relations, friends, coworker and all other important peoples. The photographs have a significant role to remind the blissful day. Everyone has precious memories in their lifetime, but the fact is photographs which we were taken at the moments be with us forever. Continue reading Wedding Photo Editing Services – Lightroom Editing Basic | Advanced Retouching

How Product Data Entry Services can Reduce Workload of E-commerce Companies?

The way the e-commerce industry is rising, e-store owners are expected to face even more fierce competition down the line. It has compelled online entrepreneurs to pay constant focus on their business and stay updated with the latest developments in the industry. E-commerce business owners have to manage a number of things related to their core business and that’s why they are unable to oversee the constant process of product data entry and monitor all small and big changes in their product catalogs. Hiring an efficient product data entry service provider can be a great move for any e-commerce business. Continue reading How Product Data Entry Services can Reduce Workload of E-commerce Companies?

How to Find a Good eBay Niche?

Want to find a perfect niche for eBay? Don’t know how to pick a beneficial niche for your next eBay venture? In case you are selling on eBay and now want a new niche for higher business prospects, we have some brilliant tips for you. In this post, we will discuss the best criteria to find a good niche for eBay. Continue reading How to Find a Good eBay Niche?

Some Common Amazon Product Listing Mistakes to be Avoided

Amazon is one of the most effective platforms for taking your products to a huge target audience. The probability of higher sales when selling on Amazon is much stronger when compared to other online stores. But sometimes merchants don’t get expected results from Amazon and blame the platform for it. But they must give it a thought that the same e-store is benefiting countless merchants across the world.

If you are confident about the quality of the products you are selling through Amazon, you should check the way you list products. Product pages play a significant role in the sales of products being offered online. And flaws in it can make you lose a big number of you proposed customers to your competitors. Continue reading Some Common Amazon Product Listing Mistakes to be Avoided

Some Brilliant OpenCart Extensions for Your E-Store

In case you already have an OpenCart store, there’s no need to tell you that it allows installing a number of extensions, modules, and functionalities to enhance the performance of your store. In this post, we will discuss some of the best OpenCart extensions for your online store. These extensions will add some useful functionalities to your sites and make it more user-friendly. Let’s have a look-



Good page loading speed is essential for every web store so that customer just don’t move on to some other store. As we know, user experience depends a lot on the loading time of a website. NitroPack is an OpenCart extension which has features like custom cache modules and CSS and JavaScript compression which decrease the loading time of a web store. E-store owners can view their Google PageSpeed on the dashboard and improve the poorly performing areas in the stores by following the recommended steps. Basically, NitroPack addresses 3 areas of web stores-

  • User Experience
  • SEO Rankings
  • Speed of Transactions

SEO Pack Pro

SEO Pack

Search engine optimization plays a big role in enhancing a website’s ranking and making it visible to the internet users. In order to achieve a good ranking for your web store, you need to pay attention to many factors including URLs, titles, descriptions etc. You can take care of all such things quite easily with the SEO Pack Pro. It provides you an easy control over factors that decide your ranking. Some of the useful features of this extension are custom product SEO fields, smart SEO pagination, and automatic keyword generator.



Sometimes customers put products in shopping carts and leave without checking out. Retargeting such customers can be a great way to increase sales as these are the hot buyers who are currently looking for the products being offered. AbandonedCarts is an extension which is designed to facilitate your retargeting process. It can send automatic or manual e-mails to clients along with the discount offers applicable. The e-mails can be sent with customized e-mail templates so that it matches the campaign or offer perfectly. You can contact customers through this extension days after they abandon the carts.



Newsletter has become one of the most effective ways to convey messages to customers. With EasyNewsLetterSubscription, you can provide your customers with the convenience of subscribing to your newsletter in just one click. The extension allows you to select from one or two fields for information gathering. Once your customers subscribe to your newsletter, the information reaches the admin, from where it can be exported to a CSV file. Admin can also e-mail the customer directly from the admin panel.



This extension helps store customers in finding the right products by providing effective filtering through multiple criteria. It makes very convenient for the customers to reach the types of products they want to buy and hence enhances the user experience.



In case you want to add a new categories menu to your online store, SuperMegaMenu can help you a lot. This module allows you to choose from 10 different types of menus for a custom look. It not just adds to the convenience of the users but also makes the e-store look more impressive.

PriceChange with Option Change

PriceChange with Option Change

As the name suggests, this extension calculates the price change when a shopping cart is updated by removing or adding products. It saves the pages from being reloaded and makes the process of checking out faster. It also takes discounts and special prices into account.

Zopim Live Chat

Zopim Live Chat

Many customers want to know about the products they want to buy beyond what’s there in the product descriptions. Zopim Live Chat provides you an opportunity to interact with your customers when they are right there in your web store. It helps in enhancing the conversion rate of an e-store.



With this flexible extension, you can tackle errors in an effective way. It provides you details about various errors and allows you to fix those errors quite conveniently.

X-Shipping Pro

X-Shipping Pro

X-Shipping Pro empowers store owners to define their shipping options and prices in a customized way. The store owners can give any name to the shipping methods and can base it on various criteria like category, store, product, geographical zone and other such factors.

All the extensions mentioned above can take the performance of your site to the next level. If you don’t have much knowledge about installing extensions, you can take the help of your OpenCart product upload service provider. These professionals have expertise in performing these tasks and can do it very quickly and efficiently.

Debunking 6 Data Entry Outsourcing Myths

‘Thinking to outsource data entry but have a lot of doubts in mind’, if that’s your state of mind, believe us, you are not alone. There are many business organizations and individual professionals who want to outsource their data entry and management work but don’t go for it due to the negative preconceived notions about outsourcing they have in mind. In this post, we will debunk such myths and present you the true picture of date outsourcing. But first, let’s see why to outsource data entry in the first place.

Data Entry Outsourcing

Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing-

  • Good Time ManagementBy outsourcing your data entry needs to some company, you can save your precious time which can be invested in some other productive works.

  • Better Focus on Core Business ActivitiesWhen you don’t have to care about data management, surely you can concentrate on the other aspects of business more efficiently.

  • Better PrioritizationAvailability of relevant data makes it possible for you to understand what’s more important and what’s not that important. So, you can prioritize things better.

  • More ProductivityWhen you have to concentrate only on the core activities of your business, productivity is bound to increase. And with productivity, revenue will also experience a rise.

Now let’s take a look at the myths about data entry outsourcing-

Selecting a Good Outsourcing Company is Rocket Science

No, it’s not! It’s true that good and bad people are everywhere and outsourcing industry is not an exception but not all the companies in this industry are involved in underhand practices. There are many companies that provide brilliant data entry services to clients. You just need to spend some time on finding a reliable data entry outsourcing company by evaluating it on different parameters.

Finding a Good Data outsourcing Company Takes Time

It’s shocking! We are living in the cyber age where everything is available online and you think finding a good company for data entry is a time-consuming task. Just a short online research can lead you to many outsourcing companies from which you can shortlist a few that seem the best suited for your job. After shortlisting them, you need to request quotes from them through e-mails or forms available on their websites. Usually, it takes maximum 24 hours for these companies to generate quotes. Once you receive quotes, you can compare them to find the most appropriate company for you.

We can Do it on Our Own

Having confidence in yourself is great but there’s a very thin line between confidence and over-confidence. When running a business, there are many things to take care of. Adding one more to them will surely make you lose focus from productive work that supposes to of greater concern for your business. Besides, lack of technical knowledge about the work will make you learn the work first. Think about it, are you ready to do that? Well, when it’s not your core competency, it’s good for you to outsource it to an experienced company.

Outsourcing Data Entry will Cost a Fortune

If outsourcing was expensive, why would more and more businesses go for it? Outsourcing saves you from investing heftily in infrastructure, technological tools, employee’s training, recruitment, and remuneration etc. So overall, it’s way cheaper than doing it in-house. Besides, the benefits it offers make it cost-effective to go for it.

Doing it In-house is Faster

If you think that doing it in your own business premises can be faster than outsourcing, you have probably never outsourced anything earlier. These professional companies know to do their work quite well and that’s why they take very less time when compared to in-house processing. Moreover, such data outsourcing companies provide you a deadline before entering the agreement and meet them in most cases.

Managing Shopify Blogs the Best Way

There’s no doubt Shopify is a wonderful platform for managing various store functions like product upload, maintenance, and orders but blogging with it is not as much easy. The blogging feature of the site requires good knowledge to start with and go ahead with continuous blogging. Understanding the way it works before starting to blog can be great for Shopify store owners.

Continue reading Managing Shopify Blogs the Best Way

Customizing Yahoo Store for a Unique Look

Launching a Yahoo! Store itself is a very tough task to do but maintaining it is even tougher, in fact, a lot tougher. But not many people know that a different look of your Yahoo! Store can make you perform better than others. And the best thing is you don’t need to be an internet veteran to achieve success here; all you need to do is to display your products in a striking manner so that more and more people get attracted to your store and the sales can go up.

No doubt, Yahoo! Store is a very good e-commerce platform offering a comprehensive package including web hosting, shopping cart, and a variety of useful tools for convenient handling of your e-commerce activities. Apart from that, it also offers a host of options to customize the look of your Yahoo! Store. An eye-catching look of your store can lead to a larger number of visitors which will directly impact your sales and brand value. Continue reading Customizing Yahoo Store for a Unique Look