Tips to Optimize Google Shopping Feed the Professional Way

If you are among those merchants who think online shoppers don’t pay much attention to product content, you don’t really need to look for any more reason as to why your efforts are not paying well enough. About 90% of online buyers go through product content before making purchases. Besides, high-quality content impresses search engines also.

Here are some tips for optimizing Google Shopping Feed

  • Properly Organize the Product Content

Organizing your product content the proper way is the first step towards optimum optimization of your Google product feed. Begin with centralizing product information and edit the data keeping Google’s specifications in mind. If the data lacks some information that’s required as per the content requirements of Google, find it. You must have a process in place to keep your data updated.

  • Create Search-friendly Product Titles

Search-friendly product titles have high chances of gaining considerable online visibility. You need to follow the best practices for making your product titles searchable. Keep closer attributes like brand, MNP, or color to the left. The algorithm weighs them more if closer attributes are the foremost parts of the titles. Besides, it raises the chances for your product to appear in search of similar products as Google pulls products from supplier’s catalogs with the help of GTIN.

  • Create Keyword-rich Titles & Descriptions

The first thing here would be to figure out the best keywords for your products. Make a list of keywords for which your products already have good ranks. Afterward, find the best performing queries by running AdWords’ Search Terms. Before finalizing keywords for your products, you must make certain that product listing ads show up for those keywords while making manual searches. Also, see whether your products appear in the search results for those keywords or not. Updating your content with relevant keywords is a constant process to keep you in the lead in the e-commerce world.

    • Infuse Details in Your Descriptions

Google has allowed 10,000 characters for descriptions but it’s not necessarily important to consume that limit. However, utilize around 1000 out of this limit and include all those pieces of information in your description that may matter to buyers. Some of those significant features are size, technical specifications, special features, material, design, etc.

  • Benefit from Categories

Go through the Google Product Taxonomy to find Official Google Shopping Product Categories and match up your products based on that taxonomy. After that, optimize the Product Types section in your datasheet for better performance of your product feeds. Try to include as many details as possible while defining Product Type for your products. It helps in achieving considerable visibility.

  • Upload High-quality Product Photos

A product image with an undetailed view of products can turn away your e-store visitors from making purchases on your store. If possible, keep all your product photos to the maximum resolution prescribed, i.e. 800 pixels high and 800 pixels wide. However, make sure the file size doesn’t exceed 10MB.

  • Use Product Extensions to Empower Your Ads

Adding product extensions means whenever there’s a search query, a related product will show up under your ad. This related product is selected by Google’s algorithms as per the product feed you have in the Google’s Merchant Center account. Product extensions can be added very easily by visiting the Merchant Center.

  • Utilize Merchant Promotions

You can create Merchant promotions within the Merchant Center. These are some of the most effective elements for Merchant Promotion.

  • Offer free shipping
  • Reduce your free shipping threshold
  • Create offers like Buy 1 Get 1 Free or 40% Off
  • Offer tiered discounts like 10% Off Orders Above $200
  • Offer brand specific discounts

If there’s anything from the above tips that you haven’t yet tried, go for it now. These simple tricks can give a significant boost to your sales. If you have hired a company for Google product feed services, take care that they follow all these practices to make you avail good return on the investments you make.