How to Increase Conversion Rate when Using Magento?

Magento has opened a new door of success for e-commerce merchants. Innumerable businesses are using the platform to run their online stores successfully. But still, there are many businesses that are striving to get a high conversion rate. Let’s talk about a couple of strategies that can be helpful for Magento users in increasing conversion rate. Continue reading How to Increase Conversion Rate when Using Magento?

Increasing E-commerce Sales with Impressive Product Reviews

As people are getting more and more educated about online shopping, the value of product reviews is increasing accordingly. Most of the online shoppers prefer to go through a couple of reviews before going for purchase. When it comes to online shopping, the convenience of checking out the product physically is not possible; hence, buyers look for some alternative methods to be sure about the quality of the products and services being offered online. Though there are some other methods also which can be used to get required details about the offerings, like e-mails, live chat and calls but reviews remain the most popular of them all. Continue reading Increasing E-commerce Sales with Impressive Product Reviews

5 Amazing Free Photo Management and Editing Software Applications for Windows 10

Though Windows 10 comes with a built-in photo management app but today’s users are always looking for more. So, in case you want a great application to manage and edit your photos, there are many options available to you. As Windows 10 is the latest buzz in the computing world, many people are in search of image management and editing apps that work well on the operating system. Here is a list of 5 such software that can help Windows 10 users a lot in managing and editing your images.


Pictamio free Software Front-end view

Apart from images, Pictamio takes good care of your videos as well. This software can help you in organizing and editing your media files and also can generate hi-tech 2D and 3D slideshows. You can also decode images through Pictamio. Besides, it supports an EFIX editor,image rating plugin, 3D image, carousel, liquid image zooming, video viewers and media categorization attributes. You can use Pictamio with a user interface in any of these languages, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

To download Pictamio free Software Front-end view, click here.


Xnview free Software Front-end view

In case you want a feature rich image editing software application that allows easy scanning, browsing, categorizing and editing of multimedia files, you must consider XnView. This software is free for personal use but if you want to use it for commercial purpose, you need to have a license first. It supports cameras, scanners, and some other media devices which make it a perfect app for today’s users. Some of the most appreciated features of XnView are its pre-set filters, resizing, cropping and rotating graphics and brightness and saturation control. It supports over 500 file formats.

To download XnView free Software Front-end view, click here.



Picajet free Software Front-end view

PicaJet gives you the facility to import pictures directly from cameras and sharing images through e-mail or gallery. Moreover, the software features automatic image balance and enhancement, categorization of media, printing. It also lets users provide personal ratings. You can categorize images just by dragging and dropping. The sorting of images is also very convenient, it can be done on the basis of ratings, time or date, and keyword. This easy-to-use software has a lot of other features as well. Some of those features are red-eye removal, slideshow maker, and CD and DVD burning tool.

To download PicaJet free Software Front-end view, click here.



Pickperk free Software Front-end view

Having more than 33 editing effects, PickPerk supports all major image formats such as JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, TGA, and WMF. The features of this software that have made it one of the most popular image management and editing applications are zooming function, full screen viewing, tools to display slideshows and more.

To download PickPerk free Software Front-end view, click here.



magix free Software Front-end view

With Magix, you can upload media files from your camera, scanner or even mobile directly. Besides, the software is smart enough to recognize duplicate pictures on the basis of matching scenes, backgrounds and colors. It also allows to rate pictures and sort gallery on the basis of the ratings. Along with basic features like cropping, brightness adjustment, panorama creation, MAGIX also has sophisticated features such as the tool to remove shaky footages. One another tool called Showfy allows you to share images with your friends.This tool is SSL encrypted and is safe to use.

To download MAGIX free Software Front-end view, click here.

I hope you find this article useful and can now select the best software as per the specifications you want in your next image management and editing app. But in case, you are looking for professionals image editors for the best results, you should go for an online research. Spending just a few minutes on the internet can make you find an experienced image editing company that offers excellent services at reasonable prices.

Branding- Something Startups Should Never Overlook

For a startup in this world which is going more and more competitive with each passing day, branding is really crucial. Those startups which are not paying attention to branding in the initial phase are committing a grave mistake. The impacts of this mistake will resonate for long and all this while they will have to suffer irreversible damages.

Why is Branding More Imperative for Startups?

Established brands and big corporate houses have big coffers to offer heavy discounts and freebies, even if they have to take a little risk, but on the other hand, startups don’t have so massive funds to expend. That’s why startups need to put in immense effort to attract buyers who become their loyal customers. Just an idea is not enough to sell a product or a service; doesn’t matter how strong and fresh the idea is.

To get considerable funding you need to sell your offerings and that would happen only when people know your brand and they find it trustworthy. After all a business is established to earn profits and you can’t do it without selling what you are dealing in. That’s where branding comes into the picture. Branding can save your startup from joining the bandwagon of busted organizations. It sounds unfortunate but the absence of branding can really lead a startup to circumstances that compel it to give up. Besides, new investors are looking for brands which offer higher profits over those which try to increase sales through discount offers.

brand buiding crossword puzzle

Where Absence of Branding Leads to?

As per an estimate around 67% of startups fail due to the dearth of branding. It means for every startup running successfully, or even running merely, two have failed. Isn’t that horrible? However, we can’t blame the idea they had while starting up. Many of these startups were founded with great ideas and they tried their best to capitalize on that, but still they couldn’t make it. These organizations spent considerable time on creating a product that’s flawless in all respects, and meanwhile they didn’t test it with potential customers. And when they decided to reach out to the target market, they couldn’t sell due to the absence of brand awareness. By this time, they were left with no or too little money to go ahead with and finally, they quit.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for startups to start generating income before their seed capital runs out. Brand awareness is crucial for any startup and it takes great branding efforts to become visible to the buyers. A startup can be commercially viable only if it adopts good branding strategies right from the beginning. You have to let buyers know about your existence quite shortly in order to attain commercial success. Only good branding endeavor can make you visible to your investors and establish you as a valued organization. That’s the reason startups require to consider branding as a significant part of their business strategy.

What’s the Role of Branding in Establishing Startups?

A company has to analyze the objectives of the organizations well before defining its branding strategy. Developing an effective branding strategy can make the chaotic process of achievement of goals very manageable for startups. It provides businesses with a far-sighted approach that helps in attaining required reputation and brand awareness in a short time. Products, teams, and customers may change, but if you are established as a brand, everything tends to revolve around it. Brand becomes the core of everything. A comprehensible brand strategy becomes a path to successful achievement of business goals.


Soon down the line, businesses will hugely rely on cloud technologies. So, more and more new startups will be encouraged to join the battle. And hence, branding will gain even more importance. The business world will belong only to those organizations which will be able to connect to people with a sense of trust, better known as brand image.

Consider These Security Concerns While Outsourcing Data Entry

Data entry is helping numerous businesses across the globe in multiple ways. It speeds up the process of growth of your business and provides you a competitive edge. But outsourcing your data management tasks can bring remorseful results if overlooked some serious security concerns.

However, it shouldn’t deter you from your decision to outsource as the drawbacks associated with outsourcing are nothing when compared to its benefits. With all the technological advancements, outsourcing projects can be executed quite effectively. But the question emerges what about the security concerns? That’s not an issue when you know what to consider when outsourcing data entry and other associated tasks. Have a look:-

Pen Drive Checking

Check the Background of the Company in Question

When going for data entry outsourcing, you must perform a background check of the company you are considering for outsourcing. The best way is to contact some people who have outsourced their projects to the company in the past. Such people can give you the most reliable feedback about the company as they are well-aware with the company’s work process and security thereof. You can also get some information about the infrastructure and staff members of the company from those ex or existing clients.

Moreover, there are some questions you can ask the company itself to get a fair idea about their background and performance. Have a look:-

  • Can you provide us some references of your clients?
  • Have you undertaken any projects from our industry? If yes, please provide us details.
  • Have you received any types of accreditation or industry-specific accolades?
  • Have you ever faced litigation in regards to data theft or data loss?

Never Proceed before Signing a Legal Contract

Most of the times organizations outsource their data without entering any legal agreement. This can be a devastating mistake. A legal contract or agreement makes sure that all the security arrangements agreed upon will be taken care of perfectly. The presence of the contract also makes the company more cautious about the security as it might be held liable in the case of data theft or any such event in which data reaches any third party or suffers any kinds of losses.

You can lay down security specification you think are necessary and communicate them to the service provider before handing over your data to them. You can include any clause in the contract that you deem good for the security of your precious and confidential data. Such details may be related to security specifications and procedures to be exercised once your projects are completed through cloud computing or any other such means.

Opt for Safe and Secure Methods
If you have knowledge of secure methods of processing various tasks, you can also specify ways and methodologies like the process of data transmission, broadcasting of information etc. Besides, you can also resort to secure practices like encryption to ensure great protection of your data when it transmits across various networks. This one is especially useful for businesses which have to send data to several geographic locations.

Ensure Security at Outsourcing Company’s Workplace
The likelihood of leakage of data is not restricted just to transmitting time. It can be stolen from an office as well. While going for outsourcing, you need to confirm a few things from the company you want to deal with. That organization needs to put some effective practices in place like verification of the visitors and restricted access to the crucial area. Such rules minimize any types of threat to data security.

In case you have a large amount of data to process and you want to outsource it to some company, the idea is very good, provided you pay good attention to the safety concerns. Make certain that your data remains protected throughout the process, from handing it over to the chosen company to the day the project is accomplished. Even for later, there should be some sound measures to destroy the raw and final data with the outsourcing company. Keeping just a couple of things in mind you can enjoy brilliant processing of your data without any fear or hesitation.

5 Product Listing Sites that You must Use to Sell Your Products

Want to offer products online, have your own site and now thinking about listing products on some other sites as well. Good idea! But selecting the best product listing sites is something which should be done with great care. Amazon is a great way to expand your qualitative online business. Saivion India can make your work easy because we provide Amazon product listing services and also eBay Product Listing Services. In short, we will list your products on Amazon in a way so it will naturally boost your sales.  In the multitude of so many product listing sites, it becomes quite tough to hit the nail in the head. Before discussing what platforms to be selected for product listing, let’s have a look at its benefits first:-

  • Product listing allows you to take your product to global customers with considerably little investment.
  • By redirecting users to your website, it increases your incoming traffic by a great extent.
  • All major product listing sites let vendors enter details like products’ names, descriptions, images etc. which helps in enhancing the rankings of the website with various search engines.
  • By increasing online visibility and traffic to your site, it makes your brand image stronger.

Product Listing ProcessNow when you have understood the great benefits of product listing you must be eager to know about the top sites to be used for it. Here are 5 of the most successful product listing sites that can help you to sell your products efficiently and profitably.


Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the U.S. as well as in the entire world. Initially founded as a book e-store, today Amazon sells almost everything that can be sold under the sun. Amazon has separate sites for countries like the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Canada, France, Italy, Germany Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Australia, China, Japan, Mexico, and India. So, wherever you want to sell, Amazon has an online marketplace for you. But rather than offering pay-per-click fee structure, it charges commission on each sale.

  • eBay

eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. It’s a virtual place where buyers and sellers from different parts of the world come to trade nearly everything. The product range of the site spans from clothing to cars. The site offers free registration but you need to pay fees to sell through it. The fees depend on the level of your store, i.e. no. of pages, product listings per day and e-mails per month.

  • Google Shopping

We all know what esteem Google enjoys in the world of internet. Submitting your products to Google Shopping can surely give a new boost to your online sales. It helps in increasing the visibility of your products in relevant search results. No doubt it augments your online visibility and sales considerably but the fees it charges for the same is very insignificant considering the benefits. We all know it was free to list products on Google till late 2012 and afterwards the giant search engine changed its policies by converting it to a paid listing platform. But still, with no minimum budget limitations, you can reap its benefits quite cost-effectively.

  • Yahoo Stores

Merchant accounts from Yahoo Stores come with brilliant e-commerce related features like secure shopping cart, design tools, around the clock support, free marketing services and more. Its fee structure is based on three types of merchant accounts, i.e. Merchant Starter, Merchant Standard, and Merchant Professional.

  • Shopify

Headquartered in Canada, Shopify is a wonderful online marketplace. Over 200,000 merchants are offering their products and services on the site due to its amazing reach. It has its own safe and secure payment gateway known as Shopify Payments which executes transaction without resorting to third party services. Shopify offers its services to merchants at very reasonable rates.

  • Shopzilla

Shopzilla is a site that offers online price comparison services. It was established in 1996 with a view to provide leads to merchants through comparison services offered to buyers. It’s based on pay-per-click model and offers convenient fee structures for merchants which are based on single rate CPC bids or target CPC bids. Businesses of all levels can join the Shopzilla bandwagon for higher sales prospects.

  • NexTag

Yet another comparison shopping site on the list, NexTag offers comparison of products, automobiles, travel, financial services, educations, real estate and more. It works with proprietary Search and Match technology, SAM when abbreviated, that allows quick comparison to the shoppers to find the most attractive deals. It’s a wonderful sales channel which benefits all the parties involved in different ways. The fee structures offered by NexTag are very reasonable which makes it very profitable for the merchants to sell on the site.

In case product listing on any online sales channel interests you but you don’t have enough manpower or technological support, you can hire a reputed product listing outsourcing company to avail professional services. But make sure, you select a company that offers good services at reasonable prices. You can conduct a short online research to find a company that offers high-quality as well as affordable product listing services.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services to India

Data Entry is a kind of work that transfer the information into electronic devices like desktop. It’s all possible by using word processing or data processing related software hosted by computer. Today, India has emerged as the largest English speaking nation after the USA and it has also got a numerous years experienced and skilled professionals which can make your job of data entry very easy.Saivion Outsourcing India is a leading data entry outsourcing service provider nation in the world because India is the only nation that offer you a variety of data entry services like online product data entry, offline data entry, catalog processing, information gathering, catalog updating (Cataloging), bulk product upload, Google product feed, data processing, offline data entry, form processing, image data entry services etc.
Today, data entry services have become an imperative part of all the industries and thus, are required several times. Once there was a time when outsourcing of any of the services usually depended on the cost benefits. However, times have changed and companies are looking not just at the cost benefits but certain other benefits as well. India serves its verity of data entry services along with many benefits:-

  • Affordable price and high quality.
  • Large pool of talented people having combination of skill sets.
  • High population of English speaking trained professionals in India.
  • Time zone differences.
  • Outstanding telecom infrastructure to support high bandwidth needs.
  • 100% guarantee to deliver projects in the committed period.

7 Reasons to opt for Data Entry Outsourcing Company In India

Data Entry work could be among the safest and the most money saving move that your business can invest in. Below are the seven ways to select a best Data Entry Outsourcing Company:

    • Level of Customization:- It’s essential that the outsourcing partner be able to offer a certain level of customization in their services. This parameter can be judged by exploring the clients of the company and checking the variety of industries and the size of organization that the company serves.
    • Cost-Effectiveness:- One of the vital aims of outsourcing is to cut costs. Not all companies can provide money savings solutions for your data entry needs. Hence, a potential service provider should be assessed on the basis of cost to the company. Further, as your business grows in the future, the services would require scaling up. The provisional costs of all such scaling-up should also be kept in mind.
    • Quality of Staff and Technology:- The quality of service provided by the BPO or IT company depends significantly on the qualification of staff and their technology which is used in services proving operations. A company having qualified and well-experienced staff have a higher probability to deliver better service comparison, to a new firm with inexperienced staff.
    • Level of Data Security:- Security of data is required not just only for the business perspective but it also from the legal perspective. Hence, before shortlisting, first needs to look into the different strategy and protocols undertaken by the service provider company to ensure data security. Additional steps such as whether the organizations maintains a policy of signing non-disclosure agreements with company or its employees, or whether it has CCTV cameras installed at around the office which might help in ensuring higher data security.
    • Turn-around Time:- Partnering with an Outsourcing company that provides 24*7 services will result in quick turnaround times. Further, this prevents stacking of all data as work gets equally distributed and the workflow is streamlined.
    • Flexibility and Scalability:- Today every business has to be dynamic and adaptable to changes and hence, outsourcing partner needs to be flexible. Flexibility should not be limited to the price of workflow. It should encompass the type of data and timing of operations.
  • Open Communication:- Open Communication is vital of part of the outsourcing business. If any outsourcing company who provide qualified communication services like on-time or 24*7 hours response with their quality data entry services, always prefer by every company who look for a data entry outsourcing company.