Exploring 10 Data Entry Services Ideal for Outsourcing Needs

In the digital age of today, companies are flooded with massive amounts of information. From customer data to financial records data plays an important part in the process of making decisions and operating. But, organizing and managing the data is an overwhelming task, particularly for small – to medium-sized companies (SMEs).

This is the point where outsourcing data entry services can be a benefit. When delegating tasks related to data entry to outside service providers companies can streamline their processes as well as increase efficiency and concentrate on their core tasks. We’ll look at the various kinds of data entry services companies can outsource data entry to improve their processes and ensure results.

What Are Data Entry Services?

Before we get into the specific kinds of services for data entry first, let’s define the nature of data entry. Data entry is the act of entering, organizing and managing data in an electronic format. It can involve inserting information from documents on paper as well as web-based forms, pictures and other sources into the database or computer system. Data entry solutions encompass various tasks that aim to ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the data.

Defining Data Entry Services

Data entry solutions cover many tasks, which include:

  • Inputting alphanumeric data
  • Transcribing handwritten documents
  • Updating databases
  • Cleaning and formatting data
  • Extracting data from various sources

Importance in Modern Business

In this digital age that requires accurate and prompt data entry is vital for all businesses in the. When it comes to keeping records of customers processing sales orders or studying market trends, having access to quality data is essential to make informed decisions and ensure business growth. But, manually entering data can be lengthy and error-prone and can result in inefficiencies as well as errors. outsourcing data entry services allows companies to benefit from specialized knowledge and technology to simplify the management of their data processes and boost efficiency.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Outsourcing data entry services offers several benefits for businesses, including:


The outsourcing of jobs related to data entry and processing tasks offshore could yield significant savings when compared to hiring internal employees. Offshore providers typically provide competitive prices while maintaining the highest standards of quality, which allows businesses to lower overhead costs and make better use of resources.

Time Efficiency

Through outsourcing of data entry tasks, firms can free up precious time and resources to be put towards other tasks. Outsourced data entry service providers are outfitted with the required knowledge and infrastructure required to complete the data entry process quickly and accurately, allowing companies to concentrate on strategic projects as well as growth potential.

Access to Specialized Skills

Outsourcing data entry services gives access to experts with expertise in managing and completing data. Offshore companies invest in training and equipment to ensure that their staff are skilled in performing various data entry tasks that include complex data cleansing formatting, validation, and formatting. This particular skill set will assist businesses in achieving greater accuracy and effectiveness in their data management processes.


Outsourcing data entry provides flexibility and capacity to adapt to the changing needs of business and changing workloads. External service providers can quickly expand or reduce their operations to meet seasonal peak times as well as project-specific requirements or expansion of business while ensuring continuous continuity and optimizing resources.

10 Types of Data Entry Services

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of outsourcing data entry services, let’s explore the various types of data entry tasks that businesses can outsource:

1. Online Data Entry

Businesses have embraced online data entry after recognizing the necessity for high-quality data presentation at a global level. Online platforms permit exclusive networks. Information that is crucial for business growth could be very useful.

It is difficult for large firms to be attentive to the service of data entry. Saivion India, an industry-leading offshore outsourcing company for data entry has made it up to be at the forefront of the heap. We are equipped with the latest technology and are a great outsourcing partner. We are specialists in the field of managing business information due to our use of technologically sophisticated software.

Types of Online Data Entry Services We Provide:

  1. Online Data Entry of Catalogues
  2. Online Image Data Entry Services
  3. Online Data Entry of Databases
  4. Online Data Entry of E-books
  5. Online Data Entry of Hospital Records
  6. Online Data Entry of Insurance Claim Forms
  7. Online Data Entry of Legal Documents
  8. Online Data Entry of Shipping Documents
  9. Online Data Entry of Surveys
  10. Online Data Entry for E-books
  11. Online PDF Indexing
  12. Online Data Entry from Handwritten Text
  13. Online Data Entry of Receipts & Bills
  14. Data Entry from Hard Copies into Desired Digital Formats
  15. Online Business Cards Data Entry
  16. Online Data Entry for Mailing Lists
  17. Online Entry of Customer Feedback
  18. Online Data Capture Services
  19. Online Data Entry for Credit Card Applications

2. Offline Data Entry

The back-end tasks of providing information are the foundation for a successful business. They allow for a smooth flow of tasks, whether it’s about reports, payment sheets, or powerful presentations. A business’s foundation is built on the organization of reliable information in a specific way. It is especially important for organizations that have to manage a lot of back-office tasks such as billing, invoicing and accounting.

Our offline data entry service involves extracting and converting information into a digital form. This allows us to provide our clients with high-quality digitized information that requires less storage space and allows the professionals of the company to easily track the information they need when needed. We provide data entry services that are effective but also take into account the growing demand for high-quality outputs and excellent service.

Our Range of Offline Data Entry Services:

The 13+ years of continuous service delivering offline data entry services is a significant achievement in our growth. During this time, we built strong business relationships with a variety of clients from every corner of the globe. We also got more than 10,000 positive reviews from our customers. Here are some notable off-line data entry solutions that are offered by us:

  1. Collecting mailing lists from online sources
  2. Compilation of information from completed forms
  3. Entering details in MS Excel
  4. Data collection and capture off-line
  5. Designing stunning PowerPoint presentations
  6. Invoices and other payments related to bills
  7. Entry of data to fill out insurance claim forms
  8. URL collection
  9. Offline image capture and storage
  10. Filling out forms with information from various sources
  11. Access to e-books, catalogues, business cards, and labels
  12. Offline transfer of data from one format to another
  13. Database entry
  14. Form Processing
  15. Medical Records Data Entry
  16. Banking Documents Data Entry
  17. Data entry of orders, invoices Receipts.
  18. Data Entry of Utility Bills
  19. Employee Data Maintenance
  20. Payroll Processing

3. Image Data Entry Services

Apart from bills and documents informational graphics and images are also great sources of information. However, to fully take benefit information should be taken from images that have been scanned and then transferred into an encrypted spreadsheet or database. Additionally, the data needs to be cleaned, sorted and checked for accuracy.

In these instances hiring an internal team could take time and money. However offshore companies offer complete image data entry services for a reasonable cost, which includes:

  • Image Sorting
  • Image Conversion
  • Image Indexing
  • Image Data Entry for Catalog
  • Image Editing
  • Image Extraction

Additionally, you can receive customized solutions based on your needs budget, needs, and desires regardless of the kind of industry or project size.

4. Product Data Entry Services

To succeed in this highly competitive eCommerce age Your product information should be current and accurate. Also, if you wish to attract buyers it is essential to ease their purchasing experience by providing pertinent information, improving your product listings and establishing accurate categories.

Outsourcing companies lift the burden off your shoulders, offering products and services for managing data on eCommerce products. By your eStore specifications and product selection Data entry outsourcing services experts handle the following functions:

  • Writing/Updating Product Description
  • Adding/Removing Product Specifications
  • Product Categorization
  • Product Data Sourcing
  • Content and SEO Support
  • Catalog Building and Indexing

Furthermore, many product companies also assist with optimising your listing. They carefully analyze competitors’ websites as well as market trends and the expectations of your audience to provide maximum benefits to your business, for example:

  • Strong online presence
  • Improved sales and conversions
  • Growth opportunities
  • Reduced expenses
  • Satisfied customers

5. PDF Data Entry 

PDFs, also known as portable document formats, are used extensively by companies to share and store information. They can store information in a single document, which includes text, images and graphs. This reduces the size of files and helps in sharing documents via email.

While PDFs facilitate sharing information data extraction is an arduous and time-consuming process because they are the format of reading or view-only. So, users can’t duplicate, copy or alter documents. This is why outsourcing can be beneficial.

Data outsourcing experts assist you in making the most of data by engaging in a myriad of actions, for example:

  • Copying/pasting data
  • Data conversion (OCR)
  • Converting PDFs scanned from scanned documents into MS Excel, Word, or other formats of your choice
  • Data extraction and entry into databases online
  • Indexing and archiving of PDF documents

As part of data entry using PDF experts process huge volumes of data that come from:

  • Business contracts
  • Forms
  • Legal documents
  • Invoice and accounting bills
  • Property-related documents
  • Medical reports
  • Manuscripts and transcripts
  • Directories
  • Credit card applications
  • Media recordings
  • Project reports
  • Public Records
  • Registration forms
  • Shipping paperwork

6. Survey/Questionnaire Data Entry Services

Surveys and questionnaires are created by businesses to collect data about their customers, including their needs, expectations, or feedback. Business owners can use this information to provide custom-designed products and services, develop specific marketing campaigns, and make better choices.

The data gathered from surveys or questionnaires have to be organized and indexed and this is where outsourcing could be beneficial.

Service providers capture data from multiple surveys/questionnaires and transform it into your preferred format, including MS Excel, SPSS, MS Word, SAS, and MySQL, for easy searchability.

They also suggest distinctive survey design ideas, write high-quality presentations code open-ended responses and use the frequency analysis that will help get the most out of your questionnaires and surveys.

7. Salesforce CRM Data Entry 

Every Salesforce user has experienced the pain of manually entering every single detail in your CRM software. Not only does this take up an enormous amount of time, but it also demands complete dedication since even the smallest error in the data input process could result in significant loss.

Thus, delegating this work to professionals is an effective solution. As part of CRM data entry services experts offer some of the services listed below:

  • Take data process it from various sources and import it into a single CRM database.
  • Sort and categorize important records using relevant metadata.
  • Gain valuable insights through predictive data modelling and high-probability forecasting.
  • Finds outliers and other deviations in live-time information from CRM.
  • Segment leads based on buyer behaviour, actions, and data from the past.

Transferring CRM data entry tasks to experts to help you build stronger relationships with your customers, develop personalized campaigns, make educated choices, and identify the latest growth possibilities. Alongside Salesforce You can also use CRM data entry services to:

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SugarCRM
  • NetSuite
  • Zoho CRM
  • HubSpot
  • LeadMaster
  • SalesLogix
  • Sage CRM

8. Data Conversion

The success of an online shop lies in the level of information available whether it is connected to the product’s pitch or specifications that support your sales message. In addition, the information you provide must be correct in terms of technology and SEO-friendly to ensure that your site’s ranks are also compatible with the goals of establishing an online store.

How do businesses benefit from Data Conversion Services?

Suitable Electronic Format

Conversion allows you to keep your data in the digital format your work culture demands. You can pick from MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, or any kind of online or offline spreadsheet.

Structured Data

When you get your data converted to a digital format, you get it in a properly structured form that makes it easier for you to find the intended information whenever needed.

Data Protection

Traditional formats like papers and files don’t guarantee the protection of data. In such a situation, electronic formats seem to be the best option when it comes to data safety.

Easy to Copy & Share

When you have to share data among multiple people, the convenience offered by digital files is unmatched. You can copy, distribute, and share them quite easily and affordably.

9. Form Processing

Gathering relevant information is essential for making crucial business decisions. It’s intended to help decide the future direction of a business and that’s why it’s important to distinguish crucial elements of data from others on the form and classify it properly. This is where the process of completing forms comes into the picture. 

Form processing is the process of removing information from various fields of forms, and converting the data into a digital format. The experts of Saivion India sort information in such a way that you can locate needed information whenever you require it. After that, we archive the information in a format that is digital so that it occupies a smaller space and is readily accessible.

We Provide Online Data Entry Services for:

  • Market Research Forms Entry
  • Payroll Processing
  • Purchase/Sales Orders
  • Order Forms
  • Insurance Claims
  • Medical Records & Forms
  • Credit Card Application Forms
  • Coupon Redemption Forms
  • Health Claim Forms
  • Legal Forms
  • Insurance Claim Forms
  • Product Registration Forms
  • Rebate Forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Rental Forms
  • Subscription Forms
  • Shipping Documents
  • Survey Forms
  • Immigration Forms
  • Membership Application Forms
  • College Sports Rosters
  • E-Mail Forms
  • Resume Processing

10. Mailing Lists Data Entry Services

Finding leads through outreach to prospects and customers is essential to the long-term success of a business. Apart from that mailing lists allow businesses to reach out to potential customers through email updates about new product launches and promotions, or share periodicals, newsletters catalogues, catalogues, etc.

But, the data needs to be collected from various sources and then compiled into a readable, secure format to ensure current and accurate mailing lists. Because this process is both time-consuming and resource-intensive it is sensible to outsource mailing lists’ data entry and management services.

When you choose a reputable company, you gain access to a knowledgeable team of experts who use cutting-edge technology and methods to provide 360-degree assistance for:

  • Mailing lists data entry from online and offline sources
  • Cleaning and standardizing mail data
  • Verification & de-duplication
  • Update and validate existing email databases

Furthermore, there are other advantages, such as:

  • Reduced costs 
  • Improved sales
  • Better customer satisfaction rate
  • Expanded customer base
  • Amplified leads

After we have identified the top 10 data entry tasks which can be outsourced let’s look at the advantages of outsourcing.

Choosing the Right Data Entry Service Provider

If you are outsourcing your data entry it is essential to select the best service provider to ensure the best outcomes and a seamless partnership. There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right data entry service:

Factors to Consider

  • Expertise and Experience: Search for a provider who has an established track record and experience in the field of data entry…
  • IT and Infrastructure Examine the technology capabilities of the vendor and its infrastructure…
  • Secure Data Measures: Make sure to prioritise the security of data and confidentiality when choosing the company to use…
  • Quality Assurance Processes: Inquire about the vendor’s quality control procedures…

Questions to Ask

Q.1 What is your experience in providing data entry services?

Over the last 13 years, Saivion India has been a trusted supplier of outsourcing services to businesses all over the world. With a performance record and reliability, we’ve consistently provided superior solutions designed to meet the various requirements of our customers. Our dedication to customer care and devotion to excellence have been a key factor in our becoming a preferred outsourcing partner for companies seeking affordable and reliable solutions.

Q.2 What measures do you have in place to ensure data security and confidentiality?

Absolutely. We consider the security of your intellectual property (IP) our top obligation. To ensure the security of your data and confidentiality, we will sign a non-disclosure contract upon the request. This agreement promises us to secure your data by destroying it following the completion of the task. We will not sell, use or share any of your data with third parties while maintaining the strictest confidentiality in all instances.

Q.3 How do you handle quality assurance and accuracy in data entry tasks?

Our company is committed to making sure that we are as accurate as possible for data entry tasks is a top priority. We have implemented rigorous quality assurance procedures to ensure the most exacting levels of precision and accuracy. Our staff of professionals carefully examines every entry to identify and correct any discrepancies or errors. 

We also use advanced technology and tools to verify and cross-check information, thus reducing the chance of errors. Continuously refreshed training and performance evaluations will further strengthen our commitment to delivering impeccable results. Be assured that our rigorous quality assurance procedures ensure the accuracy and reliability of each task that we perform in data entry.

Case Studies

To illustrate the value of outsourcing data entry Let’s take a look at some actual examples of companies that have benefited from outsourcing data entry services to improve their processes and boost the expansion of their business:

Case Study 1: Bulk Image Editing and Optimization for Online Fashion Store

Client’s Overview:

American Swan stands out as the most popular online shopping site with a wide selection of fashionable essentials like T-shirts jeans, jackets casual shirts, and shoes for women and men. With a variety of top-quality items, American Swan caters to the needs of everyone.


After conducting the final business meeting, we finalized rigid requirements such as:

  • Achieve high-quality customer experience through the image editing process
  • Image optimization as per search engine & web standards guidelines
  • Need to maintain the quality in bulk projects. We had assigned around 70,000 product images to the in-house editing team of our agency.
  • As per the agreement, the project delivery time was 30 days.

Analysis of Challenges:

To avoid pitfalls in quality, our technical consultant team was suggested to focus on the following corners:

  • When working on a massive project for image editing staying within the allotted deadline became essential. The delay in delivering the project could negatively impact our reputation as a company with clients.
  • The use of high-end creative skills was crucial in exploring the many facets of the fashion photos at the shop. The main goal of the photo editing project was to improve the customer’s experience at the store.
  • Optimizing images using the right names for the products available on the site was an essential job. It was urgent to increase the quality of searches for products on the most popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


We implemented essential requirements in the following phases, mentioned below:

  • All editing work was assigned to highly skilled teams of highly experienced editors
  • Continuous supervision to assess how teams are progressing
  • Specialized team to handle image optimization projects in line with the rules of search engines

Quality Introspection:

After examining the work, we found that the images were modified and optimized in line with the specifications of the client. Our quality department in-house found no discrepancies between the requirements specified and the final product.


It was a memorable experience for our team. With our collective efforts, we completed the entire project within the stipulated time frame.

Case Study 2: Product Cataloguing for a Leading Online Shop

About Client:

‘VConnect’ is a well-known online shopping platform that is popular in Nigeria in Nigeria and South Africa. It has more than 1 million registered sellers that offer many different consumer goods like home appliances such as mobile phones, travel packs and office supplies, food items televisions, and many more.

Client’s Requirement:

As per discussion with the marketing team of VConnect, we have ensured to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Qualitative Product Cataloguing and description writing
  • 20,000 SKUs to be Listed within 60 days
  • Required 100% accuracy
  • Integrity in catalogue management
  • Improved shopping experience on the shopping portal

Analysis of Challenges:

Similar to other prominent shopping platforms, this online store is gaining traction among a vast customer base in South Africa. In addition to product catalogues, it was crucial for the online store to regularly update with unique descriptions.

We have some challenging areas during product cataloguing, take a look:

  • Eye-catching presentation of cataloguing on shopping store
  • Unique & Search Engine Friendly Description Writing
  • Maintains the accuracy of ongoing activities
  • Achieve target in given time framework


In this segment, our team implemented a reliable method to fulfil all requirements ahead of the deadline. Some key execution components are outlined below:

  • Effective Plan to maintain the best structure for product cataloguing
  • Option to enhance the image quality of shopping store as per the latest trend
  • Time management to track the status of running projects
  • Guidelines of Quality Management System (QMS) to produce zero error output with maximum accuracy
  • Meaningful and unique description writing to boost product’s rank in search engine
  • Use of rewriting URLs to make product page search-friendly

The Output:

Our experienced product cataloguing team has set milestones in the service industry such as:

  • Finished bulk SKU listing in the stipulated period
  • 99.5% accuracy in delivered project
  • Fully optimized description writing as per technical SEO guidelines

We’ve got all your data entry needs covered

You require an unreliable partner like Saivion India on your side now that you are aware of the benefits of outsourcing to reduce your company’s time, money and energy. Saivion India offers all the data solutions you need in one place while ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Our data experts are experts in the field with a wealth of experience and knowledge. They can assist you in getting the most value from your company’s data. We have the staff with the infrastructure, latest technology and infrastructure to satisfy your data requirements regardless of whether it’s processing, data entry management, or any other functions related to data.

Ready to streamline your data entry tasks? Explore our comprehensive data entry services today!


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