How to Ensure Accuracy and Security in Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Data is vital to any business. Data is everything about the business, including how it operates. As market trends continue to change, companies are generating more data.

Digital operations have only intensified the trend towards big data production and consumption. With this increase in data, the need for accurate and secure storage and access has increased. Data entry services providers are a good fit for this need.

The Need For Quality Data Entry Services

Each organization is multi-faceted, with many segments and departments. All of these departments must work together towards the same business goals for it to be successful. Each of these departments requires a different set of data to function.

Data management in a company is therefore the culmination and integration of many tasks, processes, and procedures. The data management ecosystem includes policies that govern these practices.

A data entry company that manages an organization’s needs for data management, whether it is in part or full, will have to work on a wide range of tasks. The company’s responsibilities can vary depending on the circumstances.

  • Create, access and update data for one or multiple unique categories.
  • Storing data essentials on the cloud is possible.
  • This is about ensuring the security, recoverability and privacy of data.
  • 24/7 Support is available.
  • Prepare contingencies to deal with data disasters and their recovery.
  • Deletion of data and its archiving in strict compliance with all regulations and policies.

Mistakes in any of these areas will negatively impact the operations and revenues of a company. Data entry providers who are reputable will protect your company from data-related errors. Experts will know the complexities of the processes and use their knowledge to carry out their tasks efficiently. When they are in charge of managing your data, you will be able to use it efficiently and effectively, maximising its value.

The alternative presents a grim picture. Organizations that have been affected by the negative effects of bad data management, such as poor quality data entry, have suffered in terms of costs, personnel, brand values, and many other aspects.

The numbers tell the stories:

  • 69% of organizations believe that inaccurate data can lead to poor performance.
  • Sirius Decisions studied the impact of critical errors in contact records on sales and marketing operations. The study revealed that between 10% and 25% of these contact records contained critical errors.
  • IBM Big Data Hub notes the US economy loses approximately $3.1 Trillion each year due to bad data quality.
  • Data Warehousing Institute estimates that the US loses $600m a year as a result of issues related to maintaining current and up-to-date data.
  • Cybint’s research found that 95% of cyber breaches are caused by human error. A breach costs an average of $3.9 million to SMBs compared to $116 million or larger publicly traded businesses. Such breaches are often the result of poor data management.

For any organization to function at all, let alone flourish, it must have access to quality data entry services.

The Advantages Data Entry Outsourcing Services Provide

The data of a company is its most valuable asset. Therefore, administrators are likely to doubt the authenticity of services that provide data management. Each decision is influenced by cost and safety considerations. The obvious decision may be to set up the same in-house. But there are challenges to overcome that will likely convince them otherwise. It could be too little, too late.

A company that opts to contract out data entry can benefit in the following ways.

1. Cost Reductions

Cutting costs will help you to cut losses. The cost of an in-house entry clerk is a significant contributor to the overruns.

It’s expensive because it requires dedicated office space and equipment for staff and equipment. Also, there are costs involved in hiring and paying relevant employees, purchasing/renting equipment, buying software, and miscellaneous costs. It would be costly for the company to pay for the delays and costs associated with any failures.

A data entry company that is dedicated to their work will take on all this burden for their client organizations with their specially designed setup. The data entry company will be able to handle them with the right talent, equipment and procedures. This setup reduces costs for the company. To reduce costs, economies of size are also important.

The client will be able to allocate more budget for its core business.

2. Better Data Accuracy

Experience is key to accuracy when entering data. It enables the operator to separate the relevant data from the irrelevant and, many times, the false data.

They will be able to sort all data into the appropriate categories, using the best methods possible. This service will cover not only textual data, but also audio, videos, and images. You can use your data more easily and efficiently with their expert handling.

3. Lower Employee Attrition Rates and Higher Productivity

Employees who are engaged and cooperative will build organizations. Employees who are disinterested or resentful, however, will destroy them. Low pay, bad management, poor work culture and high stress levels are the main reasons for employees are dissatisfied with their employers. They will either leave or be underproductive if they are forced to do so.

By outsourcing data entry, you can eliminate the root causes of the problem. They can focus on their core duties because they won’t have to worry about data entry or the stress that comes with it. They will feel more secure about their job, as they are not worried about the uncertainty that comes from bad management and poor data usage. This also reduces stress and improves trust. Positive attitudes will enhance the company culture, and keep valued employees on board. The employees will be so motivated that they’ll go beyond their duties.

4. Enhanced Data Security

A provider of data entry services will be aware of the importance and value of data security. He or she will have implemented measures to keep their clients’ information private and secure. The data entry services provider will have acquired the necessary certifications for data security from agencies that are competitive after rigorous testing.

They will use the most recent technologies in data security and have experts constantly monitoring the whole setup for threats. They will have prepared mitigation plans for unwanted incidents, like backups.

5. Expert Guidance

The companies offering data entry services have experts on staff. Each project benefits from their extensive experience and vast knowledge. They also provide their clients with professional guidance on this matter, in addition to managing the respective teams.

Your employees will benefit from customized solutions, regardless of whether they are implementing a savvy business strategy or a marketing plan. They can create database-specific applications that will streamline the data-related processes at your company.

In Conclusion

As the market continues to evolve, businesses are forced to take uncharted territory. Leaders must correct their course to continue to progress with turnkey decision-making. They and their employees must have access to accurate, secure, reliable data. A competent data-entry company will provide outsourced services to turn an organization’s raw information into a well-managed and exploitable asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary functions of data management?

Data management is an umbrella term that encompasses multiple functions geared toward organizing enterprise data for the benefit of the organization. Data collection, categorization and consumption are all done in a cost-effective, secure and efficient way. Accurate data entry plays a crucial role here. The key to success in business is a data management strategy and the policy-making that goes with it.

What is involved in data entry?

Data entry is a process that involves the input of data and the updating of information into an electronic database. The data entry process is performed manually by professionals, but they can also be assisted with advanced hardware or software tools. The data entry provider either collects all the necessary information themselves or obtains it directly from the customer, with detailed instructions as to how and where it should be placed.

What is the skill set of a Data Entry operator?

Data entry operators must possess a wide range of skills to excel at their work. Basic skills include computer operation and rapid typing speed. It is also necessary to have a knack for reading and analyzing information quickly. For more advanced skills, you will need to know database management and some of the related programming languages. You’ll also need image editing, for image data input, and audio edits for data. Higher-level data entry service operators will need both people and computer network knowledge.

What are the tools used for data entry and what is their purpose?

In terms of hardware, the most common devices used for data entry are laptops and desktops with internet connectivity. They also include scanners, cameras, printers etc. The software side of things is dominated by word processors, spreadsheets, and analytics and reporting software. A data entry business will also invest in more sophisticated professional tools like audio editors, image editors, analytics software and reporting, a customized data entry system, data security software and custom data entry software.


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