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What can I earn?

Existing client will get a handsome discount on the bill.

For old client, we’ll keep the record of their referrer and give discount once back with the new work or if you say to give discounts to their referrers, we’ll do so.

How do I Refer?

Existing/old clients need to give our Company Name i.e. Saivion Outsourcing Services Pvt. Ltd and email ID to their friends/associates, referrers need to mention the referee's name/company name. We’ll keep the details in our records to give you discount on your bill or if referees say to give discount to their referrers, we’ll do so.

If anybody refers usto their friends/associates, we will give the 10% discounts to referrers.

If your friend told you about us and you're planning to become our client, you will get the benefit of the referral program, but make sure, you let us know what services you want to get.

*T&C: discount only will be given once we received the payment from your referrers.

Here are the basics:

  • Referrers and Referees will receive the discount for each successful referral
  • You cannot refer yourself

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