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Having an online shop lets you showcase your products and services to the wide range of customer across the globe and in turn increase your organization's revenue exponentially. This also means that your customers have a limited scope of evaluating the product specifications as they don't have physical access to your offering. This gap needs to filled in order to ensure your visitors that they are buying the right product.

Why Prefer Saivion India for Catalog Processing Services?

Our value added services

  • We offer you cost effective Catalog Processing Services with minimum turnaround time.
  • Help you minimize your operating cost
  • Adequately experienced and trained team of professionals to cater to your needs
  • Highly secure services to ensure data confidentiality.

7 Steps of Catalog Processing Services

  • We gather product information from different available sources like hard copies of product specification documents or its softcopy in the form of scanned images or PDFs.
  • Convert hardcopy catalogs to digital format for uploading to your online store.
  • Categorize products in the best possible way so as to help your customers locate the best suited product as per their requirements
  • Upload product information including product price and product features.
  • Regularly update your online product catalog by adding new products and also updating prices of your current offerings.
  • Saivion India helps you upload images of your products. In the process of uploading, we do editing of images to make them more effective.
  • In our Catalog Processing Services we make your product description SEO friendly by placing rich content.

Saivion India is specialized in providing you Catalog Processing services that are best suited to your eCommerce shop. Also, our highly experienced team allows us to provide you custom solutions that suit your requirements perfectly.

We, at Saivion India, help you overcome the complexities related to catalog processing through our top-notch quality services. You just need to share your requirements with us and then just sit back and relax. Our highly qualified professionals will do all the hard work for you to process data from different sources and create an online catalog for your eCommerce store at regular intervals, as we very well understand that web based catalog processing is an ever running process. Hence, Saivion India team keeps adding your new products and offerings to your online shop including the product related information.

Saivion India is an end to end catalog and content management company and offers its Catalog Processing services of creating and indexing web based catalogs through highly trained team with an eye on quality, that also in minimum turnaround time. We collect information of the products in your online shop and then convert any information in hard copies to electronic format for uploading on your eCommerce store. We also do research on the product information if it is not readily available. We upload product images after editing them to make them more attractive and convert other product information including its specifications and pricing in an SEO friendly form before uploading.