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In this era of ecommerce, an efficient system of back office data entry plays a very vital role in running your business in an effective manner. In the absence of experienced data entry professionals, most of the organizations, especially in the field of eCommerce business, fail to handle large volumes of data.

Saivion India provides eCommerce product data entry services for the following shopping cart

  • Magento Product Upload Services
  • Yahoo Store Data Entry Services
  • Shopify Product Upload Services
  • OpenCart Product Upload Services
  • Amazon Product Feed Upload Services
  • eBay Listing Service Services and many more...

If the quality of data entry is not maintained, customer will get confused about the products that they are looking for and this means loss of potential customers, and ultimately you will lag behind.

While setting up a store, you need to create and manage categories, subcategories, product descriptions, SKUs, items' costs, inventory, catalogs etc. These are very tedious tasks which require a technical team which specializes in doing such activities and an approach that simplifies the task of browsing through categories and products for a customer.

Saivion India has a very vast experienced technical team for handling ecommerce Product data entry services. We conduct meeting with our clients to get every piece of the information.

Our team will collect all the data related to your products from sources like the website, printed catalogs, PDFs, excel, images etc. All this data will be used to do proper classification and categorization in an organized manner to make your e-commerce store convenient to browse with easy navigation through proper categories and sub categories.

Our ecommerce product data entry services includes

  • Dedicated and highly experience technical team to handle your products which ensure amazing profit when compared to the cost
  • Creation of product related information such as product name, SKU or UPC, SEO friendly description, images, price, inventory stock, quality, SEO compatible tags, sales price, shipping cost and other vital attributes. We also handle addition, modification and deletion of the products which will always provide updated information to the customer.
  • We are capable of handling large volume of data for any store (Amazon, Yahoo, eBay and more). By using the latest procedures, we minimize both time and cost and increase the efficiency up to 100%
  • Allocating the products in the proper categories and subcategories which will help customer search easily and comfortably. Adding other eye-catching variants with the product such as color, size, shape, material etc.
  • We always follow the rule that is better the description, better is the conversion rate. We combine the images with the SEO friendly product descriptions in such a way which will help your customer to understand your products in a better manner and also improves the page rank. We also perform retouching and editing of your images to upload crystal clear images of your product. During all these processes we follow the guidelines provided by the web stores.
  • Additionally, we offer support to manage your orders also. We always keep a track on the processed and pending orders to manage your inventory up to date. Using this track, weensurequick and timely delivery of the products to customers.
  • We provide an excellent 24Ă—7 customer care service to our customer regarding any queries related to product data entry services.
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