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With the arrival of Ecommerce, online marketing has become a vital part of any business in today's scenario.As a result a lot of products and services are being offered online that can be accessed through a computer or even from a smartphone. Evolution of Ecommerce has led to the transition of business from a traditional approach of showcasing the goods in physical form to listing them in an online Catalog.

Why Choose Saivion India for Catalog Management Service?

Being a leader in Catalog management service, we are offering following benefits to our end customers, mentioned below:

  • We have a vast experience in product catalog management services.
  • We provide 100% quality and result oriented services.
  • Dedicated teams of professionals for our clients.
  • We deeply understand the Five Cs of Catalog Management Service: Customer, Communication, Commitment, Change and Culture.
  • Proper conversion of your paper catalogs to web based catalogs for your customers.
  • Timely maintenance of product catalogs by adding or modifying product related information.
  • We offer a large range of services including product related data entry, image processing, catalog building and indexing, online catalog maintenance, data feed submission, meta tags optimization and order processing.
  • We ensure complete product data privacy and security.
  • Full experience of handling a large volume of data management services with high accuracy and valuable turn around.
  • Our service will boost your company's profit and reduce your in house costs.

Key Features

Now, when the number of products and services are ever increasing, these online catalogs are to be structured in such an organized way that you can add or delete a product or service in a jiffy. Also from your customers' perspective, the arrangement of products and services has to be such that they can identify and locate listed products very easily.

Cluttered catalogs will lead to loss of business as customers won't be able to locate the right product at the right time. On the other hand, a well-structured catalog leads to ease of use and hence a very content and satisfied user experience of the website. This in turn means returning visitors of your web store and hence increased revenue.

At Saivion India, our dedicated team of professionals helps you to create, maintain and periodically update product catalogs on your ecommerce website in a more appropriate and systematic manner. We help you transform your products, paper catalogs to self-descriptive web catalogs. Product details on your web catalog will help your customers get a better view of the products you are offering and also identifying the right product for their requirements.

How We Work?

We perform a research on every project deeply and then perform actions on the areas according to the priorities. We focus on the entire major factors such as attributes, meta tags, pricing, shipping policies, image processing and warranty details. In the term of maintenance, we timely update the product information about new prices, availability of stocks, deletion of products, product images and wrong orders.

Note : We assign fully dedicated technical teams to our clients for their projects.

Need Assistance?

For any queries regarding catalog management services of your products, contact us at