Debunking 6 Data Entry Outsourcing Myths

‘Thinking to outsource data entry but have a lot of doubts in mind’, if that’s your state of mind, believe us, you are not alone. There are many business organizations and individual professionals who want to outsource their data entry and management work but don’t go for it due to the negative preconceived notions about outsourcing they have in mind. In this post, we will debunk such myths and present you the true picture of date outsourcing. But first, let’s see why to outsource data entry in the first place.

Data Entry Outsourcing

Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing-

  • Good Time ManagementBy outsourcing your data entry needs to some company, you can save your precious time which can be invested in some other productive works.

  • Better Focus on Core Business ActivitiesWhen you don’t have to care about data management, surely you can concentrate on the other aspects of business more efficiently.

  • Better PrioritizationAvailability of relevant data makes it possible for you to understand what’s more important and what’s not that important. So, you can prioritize things better.

  • More ProductivityWhen you have to concentrate only on the core activities of your business, productivity is bound to increase. And with productivity, revenue will also experience a rise.

Now let’s take a look at the myths about data entry outsourcing-

Selecting a Good Outsourcing Company is Rocket Science

No, it’s not! It’s true that good and bad people are everywhere and outsourcing industry is not an exception but not all the companies in this industry are involved in underhand practices. There are many companies that provide brilliant data entry services to clients. You just need to spend some time on finding a reliable data entry outsourcing company by evaluating it on different parameters.

Finding a Good Data outsourcing Company Takes Time

It’s shocking! We are living in the cyber age where everything is available online and you think finding a good company for data entry is a time-consuming task. Just a short online research can lead you to many outsourcing companies from which you can shortlist a few that seem the best suited for your job. After shortlisting them, you need to request quotes from them through e-mails or forms available on their websites. Usually, it takes maximum 24 hours for these companies to generate quotes. Once you receive quotes, you can compare them to find the most appropriate company for you.

We can Do it on Our Own

Having confidence in yourself is great but there’s a very thin line between confidence and over-confidence. When running a business, there are many things to take care of. Adding one more to them will surely make you lose focus from productive work that supposes to of greater concern for your business. Besides, lack of technical knowledge about the work will make you learn the work first. Think about it, are you ready to do that? Well, when it’s not your core competency, it’s good for you to outsource it to an experienced company.

Outsourcing Data Entry will Cost a Fortune

If outsourcing was expensive, why would more and more businesses go for it? Outsourcing saves you from investing heftily in infrastructure, technological tools, employee’s training, recruitment, and remuneration etc. So overall, it’s way cheaper than doing it in-house. Besides, the benefits it offers make it cost-effective to go for it.

Doing it In-house is Faster

If you think that doing it in your own business premises can be faster than outsourcing, you have probably never outsourced anything earlier. These professional companies know to do their work quite well and that’s why they take very less time when compared to in-house processing. Moreover, such data outsourcing companies provide you a deadline before entering the agreement and meet them in most cases.