Managing Shopify Blogs the Best Way

There’s no doubt Shopify is a wonderful platform for managing various store functions like product upload, maintenance, and orders but blogging with it is not as much easy. The blogging feature of the site requires good knowledge to start with and go ahead with continuous blogging. Understanding the way it works before starting to blog can be great for Shopify store owners.

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Why is Blogging Necessary for Shopify Store Owners?

Blogging has numerous benefits making it a wise decision for store owners to go for it. Have a look at the biggest benefits of blogging:

Increased Visibility

Good content on your Shopify store blog can attract search engines leading to better rankings. However, you need to ensure that the content you include in your blog posts is original and informative. Besides, you should blog regularly so that search engines index the content regularly and your visibility always remains high.

Strong Relationships with Customers

Blog provides you with an opportunity to connect with your customers, which strengthens your relationship to a great extent. Through the comment section on your blog post pages, readers can share their views about the posts and information therein. This way you can also get their feedback about your brand, products, and services.

Brand Building

When you have good online visibility and many people talk about your brand through the blog posts, your brand image is bound to go strong. And a good brand image comes with several benefits for a company.

How to Manage Your Shopify Blog?

Now, let’s discuss the way to manage Shopify blogs for a brilliant blogging experience. First, you need to know that your blog is under “Blog Posts” in Shopify admin. If you don’t know this by now, you may be having a default blog which is probably “News”. Shopify allows to have multiple blogs, which helps in the convenient categorization of information in the blogs. So, you can manage different blogs for news, product images, general information, customer stories etc.

You can find a button reading “Manage Blogs” in the top right corner. This button can be clicked to create and manage different blogs. It will lead to a blog list from where you can add new blogs and edit the default blog. Here, you can define the name of the blogs, add descriptions and manage comments. For better results in blogging, you should allow comments and moderate them so that customers can interact and put their queries before you.

How to Upload Blog Posts?

You can start adding blog posts right after setting up blogs. Click “Add Post” button in the top right corner of the “Blog Posts” page and start adding your post. On this page, you can add the title of the post, the body or blog content, image, tags etc. and can specify the author of the post. Besides, you can also add excerpts for posts. But remember, you can’t create categories or subcategories under blogs. For example, your “Fashion” blog can’t have categories like “Skirts” and “Gowns”.

Shopify blog also allows you to add meta titles and meta descriptions for better search performance. Moreover, in case you want to make changes to your blog post after submission, you can edit it whenever you want. Also, you can manage comments on your posts and delete whatever you deem inappropriate.

Pay Attention to the Navigation

You have to make sure that your customers can find your blog easily. You can show your blog in the main navigation by going to the “Navigation” section in admin. But remember, you can link just one blog here. However, you can show all the blogs through a drop-down menu in the main navigation.

In case you don’t want to divert your attention from your core activities as a store owner, you can hire a professional or a company to upload a blog for you. You can contact your Shopify product upload service provider for the same. Such companies offer a complete range of services for their clients so that they don’t have to look for another company for their various needs.


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