Increasing E-commerce Sales with Impressive Product Reviews

As people are getting more and more educated about online shopping, the value of product reviews is increasing accordingly. Most online shoppers prefer to go through a couple of reviews before making for purchase. When it comes to online shopping, the convenience of checking out the product physically is not possible; hence, buyers look for some alternative methods to be sure about the quality of the products and services being offered online. Though there are some other methods also which can be used to get required details about the offerings, like e-mails, live chat and calls reviews remain the most popular of them all.

Nowadays, it’s a trend in the e-commerce industry to get the store data updated through a third party. The practice of outsourcing product updating services to a professional company is benefitting online businesses in many ways. On one hand, they are free to focus on the core activities and the other, they save good money on outsourcing the work. Along with product information updating, a catalogue management company can also provide compelling and realistic product reviews for your store products.


Why are Product Reviews Necessary?

Reviews are not just to convince online shoppers to buy a product, they also play a significant role in the brand-building of a company, especially a startup. However, most e-commerce entrepreneurs don’t take reviews that seriously and try to manage without them. This can harm the success of a business without even letting the management realize it. In the absence of reviews, many of the prospective buyers will move on to some other store that features reviews for its products and services. That’s the reason, every e-commerce business should consider product reviews.

Product reviews are highly influential when it comes to shaping the buying decisions of online shoppers. Reviews can certainly impress prospective buyers and enhance the conversion rate. Many customers count on product ratings and reviews to evaluate a product or service. Sometimes, customers compare reviews, and in such a situation having no reviews can lead to a loss of sales.


Here are some reasons for e-commerce stores to opt for product reviews:

  • Reviews disclose those features of a product or service which are generally not present in the description.

  • Having reviews provides SEO benefits and makes the product page rank higher with various search engines.

  • After going through reviews, customers feel a sense of trust and their probability of buying the product increases.

  • When people talk about the products and brand through reviews, the brand image of the business becomes stronger.

How should be Your Product Reviews?



    The reviews should be written in an easy to understand language. Apart from avoiding too complicated language, you should also keep technical jargon at bay as it makes the reviews look unrealistic, i.e. written by professional writers, not actual users of the products. Besides, the reviewer should be knowledgeable about the product so that he/she can give an honest opinion.


    Personalized Opinion

    A review must sound like a personalized opinion. The readers of reviews actually want to know do reviewers like the product or not, and what are the reasons behind their decision.


    Mix of Positive and Negative

    Availability of only positive reviews can make customers doubt the credibility of the reviews as well as the online store. You must put one or two reviews stating the negative points about the product on every product page.

There are many companies that provide reviews along with catalogue uploading services. You can contact such a company and see your sales touching new horizons.


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