Tips to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing Services

Amazon is the most successful marketplace across the world. The competition on the marketplace is quite tough and your listings need to be highly optimized to create a favorable impression on prospective buyers. Here are 5 effective tips to optimize your Amazon product listings and attract a higher number of customers.

1. Create Effective Titles

    Titles are generally the first thing to be noticed by online shoppers when searching for desired products. The list of search results on Amazon show titles and main product images to the website users. Thus the click-through-rate of your listing depends largely on the titles. Hence, optimizing your titles can enhance your sales prospects considerably.

    The titles should be crisp and clear so that prospects can have a fair idea about the product by the title itself. Thoughtfully created titles also help Amazon’s ranking algorithm to examine the pertinence of your product to a user’s query.

    When creating a title for your product, you must pay attention to the following-

    • One of the main keywords is included if fits naturally
    • Include the product USP or a key feature
    • Don’t include the price in the title
  • Avoid cliché words like Good, Best, Superior Quality, etc.
  • Set character limit considering both desktop and mobile users

2. Create Short yet Informative Descriptions

    A well-written product description can help you achieve your sales goals easily. When customers get all the details about the products they want, chances of the higher sales figures go stronger.

    Here’s what you can do to create meaningful, conversion-oriented descriptions-

      • Keep the text of the descriptions readable
      • Don’t overdo on keywords, include only the most effective ones
      • Don’t use long-tail keywords excessively
      • Include all imperative details about the products into descriptions
      • Select the language and tone as per your target audience
      • Avoid using decorative, unnecessary sentences that don’t create any value for the users

      3. Highlight Key Features with Bullet Points

        Bullets are highly effective at targeting online buyers who scan product details through bullet points. Most companies offering Amazon product listing services make good use of bullet points to create powerful listings.

        Let’s go through the best ways to create compelling bullet points-

          • Features should be in the descending order of importance, i.e., the most effective at the top and the least effective at the bottom
          • Try to use one keyword in each bullet point
          • Avoid mentioning prices, promotional deals, etc. in bullet points
          • Details that are valuable to customers must be included in this section

          4. Use Good Quality, Detailed Product Photos

          When buying products online, shoppers rely on product photos to a great extent to ascertain visual aspects. The main image appears in search results with the product title. Amazon has issues product image guidelines that are compulsory to follow for all Amazon sellers.

          Amazon allows up to nine photos for each product. While the first three photos are to be used to showcase the front view and side views, the fourth photo should be used for creating an infographic to showcase things like product features, size, dimensions, using instructions, etc. The fifth image can be used to display a comparison chart highlighting the features that set your product apart. Sixth and Seventh images can be utilized towards depicting the functioning of the product. A demo video can also be included here. The last two images can be used for any other purposes, as required.

          5. Earn Good Reviews

          Good product reviews encourage people to click the buy button and that’s why Amazon takes them very seriously. Amazon boosts listings that have positive product reviews. Amazon search results feature products with 4 or 4+ stars rating at the top. Therefore, vendors on this platform must focus on attaining good reviews for their products. But as Amazon restricts the ways to gain reviews, vendors need to earn reviews organically. The best way is to send emails to your existing customers for reviews and ratings.