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Catalogs are seen as an entity of successful business revenue model. It boosts the selling capability of online operations. Our company is providing powerful assistance to transform a paper catalog of products into a digital catalog. By using an effective Catalog Management System, we build innovative & competitive hypermarket for our clients.

Procedure of Catalog Building & Indexing at Saivion India:

Our company is executing catalog building & Indexing work in following phases, given below:

Phase 1: Creation of Catalog Building - First, we gather information related to the products. Then, our experts filter the suitable information from the complete archive and convert it into digital format for uploading. During catalog building, categories and subcategories are defined in a suitable way to manage products efficiently. This tactic is helpful to make catalog in dynamic structure where clients can make future changes as easy as possible. We also enable full scope for editing and resizing product images for enhancement.

Phase 2: Catalog Indexing - To implement a robust catalog indexing, there is need to upload unique product related details like descriptions, product specifications and pricing in an effective manner. Suitable site architecture helps to gain accurate search result for enhanced visibility. Our staffs have full awareness with SEO guideline to make search friendly titles, descriptions and keywords.

Key Benefits:

Saivion India offers you a bouquet of services backed up with its rich experience and highly trained and motivated team of professionals. Apart from leveraging with large audience groups, our advanced catalog building system has numerous other features also:

Reduce Complexity: To run an online store with maximized returns is a tedious task that needs lot of time and efforts. Besides it is not one time activity and you need to continuously keep working on your store. This activity is not your core job as you have other more important jobs to perform in order to offer your customers the best of your products. Hence it will cost you a lot in terms of time, money and lost resources if you decide to do it in house.

Strong Engagement: An updated and aesthetically good web store that is created with logical structure is always successful in converting your prospects to your customers and converting your one time customer to your returning customer.

Compatible with Industry Standards: Saivion India offers you the best Catalog Building and Indexing services as per the industry standards. With a rich and intensive experience in the field of Catalog Building and Indexing services, Saivion India offers you end to end solution for all your eCommerce store related needs.

Eye-Catching Design: We aim at creating an eye catching catalog which is interactive and intuitive and gives your customers an enhanced web experience. At the same time we ensure that your web catalog makes it easier for your prospects and customers to locate the products they are looking for with an increased accuracy.

Touch with Customers:With significant experience in Catalog Building and Indexing Services, we specialize in creating your product catalogs right from the scratch. While creating your catalog we also keep this fact in mind that your catalog is the only way you can pitch for your product to your prospect, and hence it must be attractive, interactive, intuitive and direct with your customers.

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