Maintaining an e-commerce business is more than building a web store and uploading inventory for once. It involves a lot of tasks to be done regularly on market place website. As the number of products in your e-commerce website increases according to the changes in the market scenario, you need to add new products and maintain existing ones by modifying their descriptions and images uploaded to your web store. To increase your business revenue, you need to update categories and subcategories, add or modify SEO friendly descriptions, SKUs, images, inventory, orders, etc. on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, if the website is not updated regularly, the customers will get outdated information and you, in turn, will lose customers straightway resulting in the loss of revenue. SaivionIndia provides you with appropriate solutions to manage and maintain your web store with updated descriptions, images, prices and inventory under its Online Store Maintenance Services.

What Our Online Store Maintenance Services Include

We, at SaivionIndia, follow a very unique approach for e-commerce store maintenance services. All the activities that we do under these services are performed to make the website improve its page rank. Hence, all the content is very SEO friendly and at the same time attractive enough for the customers to finalize the sales.

  • We regularly update your catalogues by adding new products and modifying information about the existing products.
  • We add new categories and subcategories and update existing ones whenever required.
  • We update product prices and availability on a regular basis.
  • Our highly qualified technical team will enter details like product name, product price, categories, SKU, brand name, weight, color, shape, etc. with 100% accuracy.
  • We regularly improve the images by adjusting the contrast, color, and brightness. We also modify images as per the requirement that is thumbnail, zoom, and custom. The uniqueness of the images is ensured.
  • We will verify and validate your orders with full accuracy. We are able to handle your sales order, backorders, standing orders, continuity orders, etc. flawlessly.
  • Our team will help you in finding broken links, malfunctioning components, and forms available on your website.
  • We regularly enrich the meta tags and product titles to make them more effective for search engine optimization purposes.
  • We periodically refine your product taxonomy to improve its searchability for the customer.

We Maintain Your Website with a Comprehensive Approach

Apart from the regular e-commerce store maintenance services, here is what we do to make sure you always stay ahead of the competition.

Fixing Broken Links and programming Elements

We help our clients in identifying and fixing broken links and defective programming elements. It helps not just in providing a good user experience but also in raising the search engine ratings of your website.

E-commerce Store Content Management

Our content writing team aims at providing personalized, unique content to the clients. Our copywriters can write anything from product descriptions to user manuals for your products with the right amount of keywords.

Store Optimization and Promotion

Through our optimization & marketing services, you can get pertinent traffic to your website and enhance your sales figures. Our marketing team is staffed with certified marketing professionals and graphic designers.

Shopping Cart Maintenance

Our professionals keep on upgrading the shopping cart for optimum use of the latest features that come along with the newest versions. You can trust the experts of SaivionIndia for efficient maintenance of your shopping cart.

Payment Gateway Integration

E-commerce businesses that don't employ advanced security measures in shopping carts and payment gateways are at the highest risk of experiencing cyber crimes. Our team is expert in the integration of payment gateways.

Tracking Website Statistics

To have insights about the performance of the e-store, we monitor the checkout page activities and identify the pages with low conversion. Then we prepare a detailed analytical report along with an efficient action plan.

Maintaining E-store Security

One of the biggest determinants of the success of online business in a long run is the level of security the website features. We integrate effective security measures to your website to keep cybercrimes at bay.

Why SaivionIndia is Best for Your E-store Maintenance

  • No matter what your domain is, we maintain your e-commerce store with full efficiency.
  • We are capable of handling any requirements generated from the clients' end.
  • Our services are designed to enhance your conversion rate.
  • We manage your store at very reasonable prices. We have the best rates in the market.
  • We have 24×7 support for our clients so that your business keeps growing continuously.

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