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As the number of products in your eCommerce website increases according to the changes in the market scenario, you need to add new products and maintain existing ones by modifying their description and images uploaded to your web store. Any unawareness on this aspect may lead you out of the business.

To increase your business revenue, you need to update or add categories and subcategories add or modify SEO friendly descriptions, SKU, images, inventory, orders etc. on regular and timely basis.

Unfortunately, if the website is not updated regularly, the customer will get the outdated information and you, in turn will lose customers straightway resulting in the loss of revenue. Saivion India provides you with appropriate solutions to manage and maintain your web store with updated descriptions, images, prices and inventory under its eCommerce Online Store Maintenance Services.

Why your stores need maintenance?

  • To add new products and update existing ones
  • To add new categories and subcategories along with updating existing ones
  • To update existing product details as per the changes in the market
  • To update the competitive price to remain in competition
  • To Update stock inventory
  • Remove products which are no longer required
  • Creation of Banners
  • Deals and Offers

We, at Saivion India follow a very unique approach for eCommerce online store maintenance services. All the activities that we do under these services are performed to make the website improve its page rank. Hence, all the content is very SEO friendly and at the same time attractive for the customers to finalize the sales.

  • In Saivion, we regularly manage the day to day activities of a web store to save everyday hassles of the entrepreneurs.
  • We update product price and availability on regular basis.
  • Our highly qualified technical team will enter your product name, product price, categories, SKU, brand name, weight, color, shape etc. with 100% accuracy.
  • We regularly improve the images by adjusting the contrast, color and brightness. We also modify images as per requirement that is thumbnail, zoom and custom. Uniqueness of the images is ensured.
  • We will verify and validate your orders with full accuracy. We are able to handle your sales order, backorders, distribution orders, continuity orders etc. with 100% accuracy.
  • Our team will helps you in finding broken links, malfunctioning components and forms available on your website.
  • We regularly enrich the meta tags and product titles to make them unique for marketing.
  • We periodically refine your product taxonomy to make a better appearance to the customer.
  • No matter what your domain is, we maintain your ecommerce store with full efficiency.
  • We are capable of handling any requirement generated from clients' end.
  • We manages your store at very reasonable prices. We have the best rates in the market.
  • We have 24×7 support for our clients, so that your business keeps growing continuously.

Saivion India also performs eCommerce online store maintenance services for the following:

  • Yahoo Store Data Entry
  • Shopify Product Upload
  • OpenCart Product Upload
  • Amazon Product Feed Upload
  • eBay Listing Service
  • Content Processing Service
  • Catalog Conversion Service and many more...
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