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In an eCommerce store, a prospect makes the decision of finalizing the purchase by looking at the product image and its description available on the product page. This makes it imperative that the product images of the product you are selling must be appealing enough to make a lasting impact on the customer and compel him to make the purchase.

While purchasing a product online we get to know about the product and its specifications through the content available on the product page, it is the product image that attracts customers focus as we know a picture is worth a thousand words!

Online purchases are like purchasing products that the customers can't touch and therefore, you as a seller have to ensure that they get to see the products in the best possible manner so as to convince them to finalize the purchase with full confidence of making the right decision.

Saivion India provides cutting-edge product image editing services through its highly experienced product image editing team. Our image editing professionals make sure that product images don't have distractions, bad lighting, color defects or any other imperfections that may distract the customer. We are capable of editing the product images so as to highlight the product features and portray the qualities of your products in an attractive manner.

We at Saivion India offer you the best in class Product Image Editing and Processing Services that cover following procedures on product images before getting them uploaded to your web store for your customers to have a look at your product offerings to them:

Image resizing: Our team of highly trained and experienced professional works on product images that are in low resolution and enhances them. Enhanced images are then available in different sizes such as thumbnails and zoom sizes to enable your customers satisfy themselves by looking at different visual aspects of the product.

Product image extraction: This step under our product image editing and processing services is very important to change the background of the image. Our team traces the product image from the source and then places it on a suitable background. During the procedure we also enhance the product color and clarity so that the image leaves a lasting impression.

Removal of unwanted elements: Our image editing professionals remove all unwanted and distracting elements to drive your customer's focus on the elements that you want to. This allows you to highlight the product features that are important.

Lighting and color correction: In this step, our image editors pay attention to and work on the lighting and the colors of the image to make it look excellent.

Avail the product image editing services offered by Saivion India and put your products on display in the best way possible. Attractive product images result in more customer visits to your web store, enhanced conversions and finally better sales figures.

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