Data digitization is an innovative mechanism to convert conventional files like documents, images, raw data and spreadsheets into media or digital formats. It basically uses a powerful algorithm to convert different types of file formats into binary code based digital formats. This is a sophisticated approach to convert unorganized data into a structured format. Digitization is the representation of a series of signals.

For executing effective data digitization, we facilitate different types of unrefined materials like text files, images, and video in an organized way. Structured files are available in well-known digital formats like PDF, DOC, JPEG, SVG, BMP, XLS and XML. It uses advanced pattern of sampling to produce quality output.

The Process of Data Digitization at SaivionIndia:

Identifying the Needs
The first thing we do when digitizing data is to understand the specific needs of the clients that compel for digitization. It helps us in executing the process in the best possible way.

Collecting and Aligning Documents
In this phase we collect all the documents to be digitized from our clients and align them in a manageable arrangement.

Scanning and Digital Conversion
After aligning the documents, all of them are scanned one by one and saved as image files. Then, these image files are treated through OCR, editing and proofreading and converted into easily readable text files. In order to make it easy for our clients to retrieve required files down the line, we index all the files with suitable names.

Once all the documents are converted to digital format, we prepare a CD of it and deliver it to our clients. And the physical documents with us are either destroyed or delivered to the clients, as per their instructions.

Benefits of Data Digitization Services:

Data digitization is important for the growth of almost all types of businesses. You can choose our agency for availing unique advantages as follows:

  • It reduces time consumption by creation of a digital library
  • Perfect Image scanning and indexing
  • Improved result with OCR (Optical character recognition) or ICR (Intelligent character reader)
  • Bulk Data capture & quality validation
  • Digital accessibility with MIS reporting
  • Advanced document management systems
  • Supports a wide range of raw data & file formats for digitization & conversion
  • Supports conversion of PageMaker or word based documents into PDF/HTML/XML/SGML formats

Key Features

At SaivionIndia, digitization is done using the best methodology to improve your business efficiency. See other benefits offered by our agency:

Tackles Storage Limitation: Storage limit is a big concern for today's businesses that have to retain a lot of information in various segments. In this context, digitization is a big relief over space limitation issues. Digital files are lightweight, that's why they take minimal size on the disk or targeted location.

Minimizes the Cost of Data Management: Our team follows an effective strategy to minimize the operational cost while maximizing the utilization of resources that are available at client's end. No doubt, it is the ultimate solution for all parties which are participating in data digitization and conversion projects.

Improved Productivity: Digitization based files are fully interactive and provide better user experience. It encourages to maintain quality and excellence in work portfolio. Our team employs all tactics to improve the productivity of all business processes.

Proofreading: We have a dedicated team for proofreading task which cares about the functioning of activities in a proper way. If something is wrong with the final product, then this team raises the bug and notify the concerned team. In maintaining an error-free system, the role of our proofreading team is very vital.

Full Transparency: The team of SaivionIndia believes in working under a transparent system. That's why we provide data digitization services in a very transparent manner. This approach is helpful to gain mutual trust and co-operation between us and our clients.

Safe & Secure Conversion: During digitization and data conversion process, we implement safe and secure methodologies which are approved by authenticated bodies. It is really the best approach to follow the protocols of safe and secure conversion.

Durable Quality Standards: Being a leader in data digitization industry, we never compromise on quality standards and industry specific guidelines. It is a matter of high-end excellence for our team as well as our clients.

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