Case Study – eBay Listing for an Online Flooring Solution Provider

About Client

Oasis Planet is a web-based business that offers a huge collection of tiles, hardwood, carpets, etc. for sale. The concern is running for over 25 years, and today, it’s considered one of the best flooring retailers. The store provides superior quality, modern style products along with world-class customer service.

Client’s Requirement:

It’s imperative to understand the precise needs of projects before going ahead for successful execution. Here are the specific requirements of the project:

  • Amazing photos that showcase the colors, designs, and patterns of the products impressively
  • Crisp and compelling descriptions that help increase the conversion rate
  • Placement of the products in appropriate categories
  • Selection of the most promising keywords or a brilliant e-store performance

Analysis of Challenges:

The team of Oasis Planet wanted us to complete the project within 15 days. As per them, the content on their competitors' websites was more search engine friendly, and categorization was also quite intuitive. They didn't want to lag behind, and hence, a quick update was needed.

The mutual discussions with the client team led us to some specific challenges involved. The following is an account of the same challenges:

  • Providing thorough product management solutions
  • Filling data in spreadsheets in multiple batches
  • Editing product images for a favorable impact
  • Describing attributes of products in an impactful manner


Our senior team members defined a strategy to execute the project for results that benefit the client the best way. Cast a glance at the efforts we made:

  • Extraction of data from various sources and creation of crisp content with it
  • List the product on eBay with variant
  • Input significant data like product name, description, etc. accurately
  • Retouching of product photos for an enhanced, more detailed, and fascinating look
  • Defining product attributes for providing complete information about the products

The Output:

After the successful delivery of the project, our clients left a wonderful testimonial for us, and for us, that's what matters most, the satisfaction of our clients. Here are the outcomes:

  • Keyword-rich content that drove in higher leads and sales
  • Increased search engine friendliness of the store with SEO oriented content
  • Captivating product photos that compel e-store visitors to buy products