Case Study – Shopify product upload services for EastsideBakers

About Client

EastsideBakers is a popular online bakery shop and leading distributer in Australia. EastsideBakers is every Australian's favorite destination for the luscious baked goods. They provide all the bakery items like breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, rusk, muffins, cupcakes, burger buns etc. It sells fresh baked food items at reasonable price. Its baked items are made using all natural ingredients, produced without the use of artificial chemicals and fertilizers. The bakery offers food items which are free of additives and preservatives. 9 out of 10 of its customers are happy with the quality of all there bakery items.

Overview of the Project

This company is selling many bakery items via an online web shop. The project is really big for him and also for us because they wanted to increase their sells in the future. Client wanted Shopify product upload work with 100% accuracy. It is very important for EastsideBakers online store that their databases and their presence across online marketplaces maintain having a good positive view or reviews.

Apart from bulk Shopify product upload task, quality assurance was the biggest barrier for distributors. Our client knew that any minor mistake in the Shopify product upload work can damage their reputation among existing user database as well as new customers.

Risk Analysis

As per client's requirement, we noticed each and every week points where cautions were necessary for the Shopify product upload team. We prepared a checklist to avoid common and major mistakes during the bulk nature of Shopify product upload services. We also consulted experts of Shopify product upload services to tackle run time error or bug.

Even, our team had extracted reliable Shopify data from the client's catalog to keep far away from online Shopify product upload work. Finally, we delivered entire work towards quality team for in-depth introspection. Our team's experience of Shopify product catalogue upload has set milestone in service industry such as:

  • Finished bulk SKU listing in allotted time period.
  • 99.5% accuracy in delivered project.
  • Fully optimized description writing as per technical SEO guidelines.
  • Qualified & talented working staff give their 100% on complicated projects.
  • Good typing skills for delivering, quick turn-around of projects.
  • We have a professional & talented staff for Shopify product upload services.

Audit of Work

Due to our 'zero error policy', we have a permanent internal quality team. Like other projects, our quality professionals covered each facet of Shopify product upload work. They also notified our client to implement some genuine guidelines related to the sale of items or service.


EastsideBakers had appreciated our teams for reliable and robust Shopify product upload work. He also signed 5 years long contract for Shopify product upload related work with SaivionIndia. Finally, we converted a new client into a stable customer with quality work.

Client's Testimonial

Amazing to see that a third party company gave us service like an in-house team. It did excellent Shopify product upload work which was complex for us. We also noticed that each phase of Shopify product upload task was transparent with our marketing team. It made our entire work like an interactive session. Hope to see same sprit & dedication in the future.

Martin Cooper - Manager of Company

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