The Client

New Jersey Based Local Press was interested to move entire presence on digital media

Major Challenges

Due to conventional boundaries, it was tedious to draft entire press content in digital medium with standard documentations. This kind of publishing needs appropriate markup language to release content structure in rigid layout. We were also planning to give rich customized publishing and searching solutions. To provide one-click publishing model, it was urgent to explore any custom solution for our client.

Our Comprehensive Model

Due to rise in demands of digital publishing world, it is necessary to adapt latest technology and understand user's behavior. User can access content from any personal device like mobile, tablet, Personal Computer and Personal Digital Assistances (PDAs). So, it is necessary to implement a robust model which converts legacy content into latest markup semantics.

Statistics shows that digital environment has dynamically changed the way content is created, modified and distributed.

We also focus on intellectual property rights which make a valuable sense in quality world. It also ensures the end customers to explore the adequate knowledge at trusted source.

It is also necessary to maintain uniqueness of content as well as social proof of authors.

E-Publishing Content Guideline

To maintain reliability of content, we always tie with DMCA content protection. It saves our content from theft as well as copied by intruders or competitors.

In case any third party violates the guidelines of content then we can file complain under the petition of DMCA quality act.

Safe Delivery of Information

During digitalization of conventional content, we never forgot to remove malicious content if found in press journals. Finally, we only published informative contents for end users.

Problem Solving Approach

Due to involvement of open source informative channel, there is a need of advanced Content Management System which is helpful to build an extremely upon customized content creation and publication tools as per our clients requirement.

Benefits of Our Service

It makes the execution of our client's work faster and reliable. Now, our customer is very frequent to generate the content pool like blogs, magazines, knowledge guides in smooth work flow process. No doubt, our client is now able to generate or share any content or idea in a single click.

Client's Testimonial

No doubt, digital content system reduces our time for the creation of content in single or category medium. It also makes able to generate content on big volume without focus on style pattern.

Let's Begin!

To avail our services or get clarification about anything, you are ever welcome to drop a message.