Bulk Image Editing and Optimization for Online Fashion Store

Client's Overview:

American Swan is a leading online shopping store for fashion collections like T-shirts, Jackets, Jeans, casual shirts and shoes. It has large variety of quality products for both category (men & women).


After conducting final business meeting, we had finalized rigid requirements such as:

  • Achieve high quality of customer experience through image editing process
  • Image optimization as per search engine & web standards guidelines
  • Need to maintain the quality in bulk project. We had assigned around 70,000 product images to in-house editing team of our agency.
  • As per agreement, project delivery time was 30 days.

Analysis of Challenges:

To avoid pitfalls in quality, our technical consultant team was suggested to focus on following corners:

  • During work on bulk image editing project, it became mandatory to remember allotted time framework. Any kind of delay in project delivery could damage reputation of our agency in client's mind.
  • Need to use high-end of creativity for exploring different edges of photographs on fashion store. It was core objective of image editing project to enhance customer's engagement on fashion store.
  • Image optimization was an essential task by using adequate naming convention of available products on store. It became urgent to improve the searches of products in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


We had implemented essential requirements in following phases, mentioned below:

  • Allocated entire editing works to highly experienced teams
  • Simultaneous supervision to judge progress of different teams
  • Dedicated team for handing image optimization work as per search engine rules

Quality Introspection:

During inspection of work, we found that all images were editing as well optimized as per client's expectation. Our in-house quality team didn't find any deviation between actual requirement and output.


It was amazing experience for our teams. With collective efforts, we had delivered complete projects within pre-defined time framework.

Client's Remark:

This photo editing outsourcing company did a remarkable work for our online fashion portal in minimal time. Apart from matching our expectations, it had given dedicated technical support to our IT department.

No doubt, we can recommend your reliable service to our close network partners.

Head, I.T. Department, American Swan

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