Our Client

Switzerland-based wild life photographer who was looking for image enhancement and customize style patterns

The Requirement

Our client is a leading photographer of Switzerland, so quality parameter expectation was very high from us. As a first assignment, we received a large amount of images featuring bad quality due to bad weather or light during the shoot.

The client also directed our team for photo enhancement on daily basis with assurance of 24*7 tech support.

Some photographs were related with rare species that's why demand of unique style pattern required from our highly experienced photo editing team.

All orders were received through our marketing team with strong commitment about punctuality and high quality.

Our Policy

To enhance our customer relation policy, we covered following key areas:

  • Minimal turnaround time
  • Assurance of 100% quality and excellence
  • Use of legal license software
  • Maintaining 100% manpower skill and availability of backup
  • Employment of Adobe Certified Experienced Teams
  • Guaranteeing 100% error free result
  • Strong communication between our project coordinator and client
  • Appoint responsible person for entire project delivery before deadline

The Solution of SaivionIndia

With 7+ years experience in Image Editing industry, we divided entire customer's requirement into different phases as follows:

Since bulk nature job was related to enhancement of dull photographs and it required allocation of large workforce, we forwarded this segment of work to photo enhancement team. This team is highly seasoned and used all tips and tricks which were related to improvement of picture quality.

In order to ensure availability of 24*7 image editing support, our tech support team was staffed with photo editing professionals. It helped us to identify and fix the customer's concerns while sticking to our high standards of quality and affordability.

For implementing higher standards of quality expectations on rare wildlife images, we assigned such photographs to senior photo editing professionals. This decision was very helpful to fulfill our aim for lower turnaround time.

Benefits of Our Customer

By choosing our image editing services, our client had received following benefits:

  • Lowest rate among available service provider in market
  • Exceptional Quality
  • No deviation between expectation and delivery
  • Budget friendly deal
  • Barrier less touch with customers

The Result

We were success to deliver task in different modes like bulk, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Most of our works were appreciated by client. It was really an amazing experience for us.

Photographer's Testimonial

Delivery of services at right time was a wonderful experience for me. This organization has capability to provide image editing service on large scale as well as unique design pattern.

Of course, I am fully satisfied with quick and reliable response!

Let's Begin!

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