When Google hasn't covered 100% of the total online searches, why to direct your 100% efforts to Google Ads? There's no doubt Google is the biggest search engine but still Bing holds a great market share of the online advertising.

As a PPC management company, we love to work with Bing Ads as we find it an under-utilized platform which holds immense possibilities. If you are targeting the right niche, Bing Ads campaigns can provide a brilliant return on the investment made, in fact, higher than the most promising ad networks.

Our Bing Ads Management Services Include

  • Keyword Research – No PPC campaign can get intended success unless keywords or phrases are selected wisely. We choose the most suitable keywords for Bing Ads.
  • Campaign Creation – We set up Bing Ads account & create campaigns for you. Whether it's search ads or product ads, we can work on both with great adroitness.
  • Custom mobile App Development – We have the right mix of experience and technological infrastructure to develop custom apps that have the capability to rock Play Store.
  • Ad Creation – We have exclusive teams for copywriting & product image editing that helps us in creating riveting ads that bring more leads to our clients.
  • Landing Page Optimization – Our Bing Ads managers review the landing pages of the clients' websites & suggest changes for proper optimization that raises conversions.
  • Constant Keyword & Campaign Optimization – With our Bing PPC services, you get an assurance that your campaign and keywords will be regularly monitored for constant optimization.
  • Result Tracking – Not just conversions, we also track quote requests, sign-ups, phone calls etc. to get a detailed view of the results of the Bing campaigns.
  • Reporting – All our Bing advertising clients are entitled to get visitors & conversion reports regularly to asses the results they get from campaigns.

Why Invest in Bing Ads?

  • Bing still holds a good share of overall searches and the best thing is Bing has an absolutely different user base than Google.
  • As Bing has less traffic volume, most businesses focus on Google only. That's why Bing has less competition compared to Google.
  • Bing Ads has cheaper CPC costs. Thus, it can be highly effective for businesses looking for good returns from low investment.
  • You can integrate Google Ads with Bing Ads and save yourself from the hassles of creating fresh and exclusive campaigns for Bing.

Less Competition Means Higher Leads

As a Bing Ads management company, we leverage the network with a strategy that helps target qualified audience. You can target an audience on the basis of their location, age, and gender. Low competition allows you to have optimum results from your campaigns. You can contact our Bing Ads consultants anytime to know more about the ad network or discuss your project.

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