Ad retargeting is a concept of online marketing that targets people who have either interacted with your brand or have visited your website in recent past. In retargeting, remind users about your brands, offers or products through visual communications.

There are two aspects of retargeting-

Search Retargeting: Countless online searches are made every day. Those searches tell what those buyers are exactly looking for. Search targeting is approaching those internet users on the basis of their search terms. For example, a person searching with key phrase "men's shoes online" must be willing to purchase men's shoes. Targeting such people can be beneficial for an online shoe store owner.

Site Retargeting: Sometimes people visit a website and abandon it for some reasons. Their visit to the website shows that they are interested in the offerings thereof. Site retargeting means reminding those people of the product they once showed interest in.

What All Comes Under Our Retargeting Services

Initial Setup: When initiating a retarget marketing campaign, our team requires to create an audience, upload prospect lists, and define campaign structure.

Ad Creation: When we precisely know who we are targeting, we can create relevant ads that encourage prospects to complete what they abandoned earlier.

Integration with Other Ongoing Marketing Campaigns: We seamlessly integrate retargeting campaigns with other marketing campaigns to have increased efficiency & good returns on investments.

Constant Analyzation & Optimization: Our remarketing professionals keep on observing, analyzing, and optimizing campaigns to get the best results from the remarketing efforts.

2 Major Retargeting Platforms

Facebook Retargeting The massive user base of the social networking giant Facebook makes it a great platform to display your retargeting ads. Apart from conversion, being a social media website, Facebook advertising can also help you increase your Facebook followers.

Google Retargeting When the power of the biggest search engine will amalgamate with your online marketing strategy, the results would be awesome. We place your ads before the internet users so impressively that they can't resist the offer and go ahead to make the purchase.

Get an Edge Over Competitors

With retargeting, comes the strong possibility of emerging ahead of your competition. When competition has affected all industry verticals across the world, every business should make efforts to attract the attention of proposed buyers. Retargeting empowers a business with strong online visibility to those who have already enquired about the products.

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