With over 1.79 billion active users spending over 40 minutes on the website every day, Facebook has massive data on the demographics, interests, and shopping behavior of internet users. This social networking giant has the power to take your offers to a specific, qualified section of the audience.

Today, Facebook can't be overlooked as an advertising platform. Facebook advertising has become a crucial element for all new-age online advertising campaigns. SaivionIndia understands the potential of this channel and offers result-oriented Facebook Ads campaign management services.

What Our Facebook Ads Management Services Comprise?

Campaign Setup: Our Facebook Ads consultants conduct initial planning and set up a Facebook Ads campaign that takes you closer to the business objectives.

Facebook Ad Creation: While creating ads, you don't just have to convey the right message but also ensure that the ads merge well with the posts from friends.

Constant Optimization: Our ad management team analyzes the performance of the campaigns regularly & implement measures to optimize them in every possible manner.

Retargeting: Retargeting people interested in your offers through this giant social networking site is a proven, cost-effective method to increase sales.

Monthly Reporting: We make our clients aware of the results of the campaigns & the returns they get on the money invested through monthly reports on conversion.

What Makes Facebook Advertising Beneficial?

  • Having a mammoth user base, Facebook offers handsome returns on the investments made.
  • You can target the audience quite specifically on the basis of age, gender, location, relationship status, interests etc.
  • Your website visitors or people on your e-mail list can be directly targeted via these ads.
  • Ads in news feed don't make as promotional impression as regular ads and look almost like ordinary posts.
  • Likes on your ads can encourage others to like it or go for the offer made.

We Help You Target the Right Audience

Leveraging the narrow audience targeting offered by Facebook, our Facebook Ads managers help client businesses in reaching the internet users who have high prospects of converting into customers. We build custom audiences considering the conversion probability. Targeting the right people always provide a high ROI to our clients.

Result-oriented Services

Our Facebook promotion strategies aim at the achievement of marketing goals of our clients. We ensure long-term benefits of our clients that not just bring in higher revenue but also establish the brand of the business as a leader.

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