Data Processing Services: Proven Track Record of Providing Over 99% Accuracy

Partner with a team with 10+ years of domain experience –get flawless data within quick turnarounds

  • Reduced inconsistencies in data for convenient usage
  • Assurance of high quality with cost savings up to 60%
  • Advanced measures for data security and confidentiality
  • Employment of the latest data processing technologies
  • Efficient client support team that operates round the clock
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Outsourcing Services

Data Processing

Data processing services are very effective for converting unorganized data into an organized form. We can collect, classify and present your data in a way that you can see, understand and reuse it easily. Get all types of data entry services from SaivionIndia. These services help to improve business functionality by making an advanced decision support system. It also incorporates adequate information management to let your organization function in a systematic pattern. With years of active participation in data processing projects, SaivionIndia has gained expertise in delivering quality output as per industry standards. We have a proven record of transforming raw data into digital formats effectively.

What We Offer in Data Processing Services?

Data Mining

The data experts of SaivionIndia can sieve required, pertinent information from various sources to provide businesses with valuable insights.

Data Cleansing

When you have databases that include erroneous information, our professionals can cleanse it and make it perfect for your business requirements.

Image Editing

Whatever may be your needs in image data processing, we can do it perfectly. Just send us your instructions and get the needed image data in no time.

Data Deduplication

For databases that have repeated entries, we have high-quality data deduplication services that remove excess data and make the databases cleaner.

Survey Processing

Survey data entry helps businesses store information in convenient formats that allow easy access to the required information when needed.

Forms Processing

Even the slightest errors in extracting information from forms can render the entire database useless. Hire us for accurate forms processing.

Our Data Processing Services Services Include

Data Digitization

An innovative mechanism to convert conventional files into media or digital formats

Editing Proofreading

Make Your Content Flawless, Engaging, and More Meaningful

Catalog Processing

No Nuances of Catalogue Processing are Unknown to Us

Cataloguing Services

For a Wonderful Representation of Your Products & Services

Scanning Data

Convert your files of hard copies into convenient & easily manageable digital files

Why Outsource Data Processing?

Effortless Processing of Large Volumes of Data

Managing huge data is not just tedious & time-consuming; it also requires professional expertise. That's why outsourcing it is a smart decision.

Data Retrieval from Any Formats

A novice may find difficulties in extracting data from different formats like papers, forms, scanners, images, etc. but we can do it effortlessly.

Reduced Inconsistency

When you partner with SaivionIndia, you get full assurance that the data you will receive as the final input will be consistent in all respects.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing your data processing jobs to professionals can help you save up to 60% of the costs that you would have to spend on in-house operations.

Effective Decision Making

With relevant data in a convenient format in your hands, you can make decisions that set the things right and work towards the growth of the business.

Tasks included in our data processing services are:-

  • Capturing raw data from different sources and converting into visual or text form
  • Extracting data from the payment processing system
  • Rebate processing within a minimum turnaround time
  • Fast, accurate, and precise order processing
  • Compile accurate mailing list quickly
  • Presenting complete data in easy-to-access file formats
  • Keeping the data records updated
  • Managing both database and reporting
  • Extracting data from unstructured content to make spreadsheets

Our Data Processing Methodology:

Our team works on a rigid model to deliver high-end data processing services to end-customers. We execute such projects in the following seven phases.

Validation- In the first phase, we use the validation method to eliminate errors properly. It helps to maintain an error-free environment.

Sorting- In the sorting phase, we arrange data into the required style. It also helps to provide an organized form to the data.

Summarization- This phase is helpful in organizing hefty but meaningful data into useful summarized information. It also considerably reduces unnecessary spaces.

Reporting- Reporting is done to build an effective decision support system. It gives a clear picture to find out real facts.

Aggregation- In this phase, we combine multiple portions of data to make a relevant output. It helps to make a useful resource at a single place.

Analysis- In this phase, we analyze all entities of data which is received after the completion of the aggregation process. It gives an effective idea to plan a quality roadmap for your organization.

Classification- In the classification phase, we classify the data into a convenient arrangement for better usability. It is the final polishing to complete data processing services.

Range of our Services

Being a leader in data processing, our team covers all major areas as mentioned below:

  • Form Processing Services
  • Market Research Services
  • Survey Processing Services
  • Image Processing Services
  • Order Processing Services
  • Claim & Rebate Processing Services
  • Credit Card Processing Services
  • Transaction Processing Services

Key Features:

With the helping hand of SaivionIndia, you can find amazing benefits in data processing services. Have a glance:

Accuracy: While executing data processing projects, our professionals take great care that the outcome has a high accuracy rate. We know what blunders can inaccurate data create and hence, ensure the utmost accuracy for smooth processing of your work.

Vast File Format Support: During the execution of data processing services projects, we use a solid framework to convert non-compatible raw data into digital files like SVG, XML, SGML, XHTML, HTML, PDF and many more. It is helpful in increasing our presence with a variety of digital file formats.

Data Security: We never compromise on the security of the data our clients provide to us with the utmost trust. SaivionIndia has invested in some advanced programs and tools that ensure an impenetrable security for our databases.

Budget-Friendly: Data processing services at SaivionIndia are available with customized packages to reduce the operational cost of our new and existing clients. We offer affordable service to make a sustainable client relation in potential markets across the globe.

Quick Delivery- The team of SaivionIndia understands the value of your time and delivers projects in very short turnarounds. We have a proven record of not missing deadlines. Along with the quotes, we also issue deadlines for projects and our professionals work dedicatedly to meet them.

Certified Professionals: We have certified professionals for different activities involved in data processing services. We assign each and every project we undertake to an experienced team.

Scalable Services: You can start with a custom package that suits your current requirements and scale it later as per the increasing demands of your business. We are always willing to customize your package with your changing business needs.

Contact us to discuss your detailed requirements with our business representative. You can also e-mail us to receive a no obligation quote.